{Falling for Fall}

Now that school is back in session I find myself daydreaming about and longing for fall. I know the first official day of fall is not until Sept. 22nd, but who says we have to wait? I mean, besides the Texas weather. I recently redid my living room and now I'm ready to decorate for fall. It's truly the best time of the year. Generally, I crank out a lot more blog posts during the fall months as well. There's just so much to do. Today I thought I would share some of the reasons I always crush on fall so hard.

🍂 Fall clothing - Is it just me, or do you agree that fall clothing is so much cuter than any other? I live in Texas and it's HOT here. I'm talking 110+ degrees and high humidity for months upon months. When temps reach that high I am normally just a shorts & t-shirt kind of girl. Nothing cute or fancy about that. But in the fall? It's all about cute layers, sweaters, scarves, and boots and I love it so. There's just something about flannel and a blanket scarf that makes my heart so happy.

🍂 Campfires and camping in the fall. There's nothing better than being able to actually be outside doing all of the things without all of the immense sweating. We are big time campers and love camping in the fall most of all. Sure, we sleep in a cozy camper, but we prefer to be outside from the time we wake-up until bedtime. Oh, and there are far fewer bugs in the fall. Mason and I are mosquito {and all other stinging kinds of bugs} magnets and it's quite frustrating in the summer.  You can see a few of our fall camping trips HERE HERE and HERE. And there's nothing quite like a campfire when camping. I love the smell, the sound of the crackling fire, the glow it emits and especially the s'mores. S'mores just taste better in the fall. Right?

🍂 Fall holidays; Halloween & Thanksgiving!! I've never been big on Halloween until I had a kid. And then it was so fun to dress him up in costumes and take him Trick or Treating or Trunk or Treating. Now's he's old enough to pick out his own costumes and he loves everything about Halloween, which makes me love it. We love going to Halloween/Fall festivals and fairs, consuming all the candy corn we can, having a Hocus Pocus movie night, picking out Halloween pajamas, and BOO'ing our friends. And what is there to not love about Thanksgiving? So much delicious food and so much incredible family time. And if I'm being completely honest...I love getting to eat my Mama's cooking again. She's an amazing cook! 

🍂 Pumpkin patches {HERE and HERE}, pumpkin carving, decorating my porch with pumpkins, pumpkin spice, pumpkin everything. Pumpkin patches are mine and Mason's thing. We visit at least 2 a year and sometimes three. We like picking out odd pumpkins and giving them a home for a few weeks.

So tell me, what do you love about fall?

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