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Time for the Little Letters link-up with Kristin at Taz and Belly!! With my blogging hiatus, I missed a few months. But, I'm glad to be back. This is one of my favorite monthly link-ups that I always look forward to. And actually, every month I love this link-up a little more. Writing these Little Letters lets me free up some random things floating around my head. To read my past Little Letters click H E R E. Here are my letters for this month...

Dear Jesus, I pray that You may be glorified in our season of waiting. Sanctify me and draw me closer to You. Help me to remember that it's not 'waiting' for you and that you are 'working'. May I fill the aching parts of my heart with thankfulness, prayer, and faith in Your sovereignty. Amen.

Dear mountains, I know you are calling me back. I can just feel it. Oh, how I miss you so. I'm still trying to convince Nate that we need to move to the mountains. #oneday or #dayone ? And, speaking of one day, well one day I will finally blog about this amazing trip.

Dear Hubby, I just can't get enough of you lately. I want to spend every single waking (and sleeping) moment with you. Dang work gets in the way of that. And, I #cantstopwontstop with the "come home" text messages! ha. I love you! You truly are my best friend and my lobster (if you don't know that reference then we can't be friends! ha, I kid, I kid).

Dear church & church family, we've missed you! Last night was our first Wednesday night back in 6 weeks. SIX. The summer is busy for us with traveling and then add in some stomach issues I've been dealing with, we just couldn't make it to church. Last Wednesday was supposed to be our first day back, but dang stomach. Anyhow, it was so good to be back. At one point during our bible study in the sanctuary I looked over and saw the sun shining in on one panel of stained glass and it captivated me. It was breathtakingly beautiful. It made me picture our Heavenly Father smiling down on us! These pictures don't do it justice, of course...

Dear summer, please don't go! We are still chasing that endless summer over here and so not ready for school to start back! Praying these last 12 days go by really slow for us! I love having my sweet boy home with me and being able to talk to him or kiss him whenever I want. School really puts a cramp in our style.

Dear fall, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't ready for you. I know, I know...I just said that I wanted summer to last forever, but we know that can't happen. And since school forces us right out of summer then my brain automatically switches over to all things fall. I can't help it! I think I might even go stroll Hobby Lobby's fall section after I drop Mason off at school on that first day. ha.

Dear third grade, I hope and pray this is a great year for Mason. He's extremely excited and happy to be in GT {gifted and talented} this year. I just pray that it's all he hopes it will be. I pray that his teachers are understanding of his ADHD and that we choose to not medicate him. I pray for patient and loving teachers that will nurture my sweet boy when I can't.

Dear Nathan & Mason, I have loved watching the two of you work together this week on your special 'project'. You two are the light of my life and I am so thankful for you!

Dear Mason, how fun was it driving the CJ this week? Your dad was so cool to let you do that. And my heart was bursting from pride watching you enjoy the heck out of it.

Dear blog, who am I? I somehow managed to blog every day this week. What the what? In case you missed it, here are my posts from this week.

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Dear Friday, I am so excited you are here! We are gathering with family this evening for a cousin's birthday. I am ready to see everyone and hug their necks!

Dear Weekend, bring it on. Let's find some adventure, okay? Have a good one, friends!

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