{Five on Friday // August // Pt 2}

Happy Friday party people!! Now normally I wouldn't be excited about this weekend since it's the last weekend we have before a new school year starts, but we have stellar plans and I'm ecstatic. Gotta make the most of those last summer days and end it with a bang! I'll share more on that later. Here's a look at our Five on Friday...

In case you didn't notice, I hit that publish button five times for the second week in a row. I'm baaaackkk! And, it's about to be my favorite season of all. Both for blogging and just in general. So, I'm sure this blogging every day or almost every day will continue on. Here are the posts I published this week...

Monday  This Past Weekend
Tuesday  Our weekend trip to Wimberley, TX
Wednesday  The Daily Dime
Thursday  Back to School / Our family's traditions

In an attempt to start getting ready for the new school year Mason and I woke up early one day to have a donut date. We found an adorable little donut stand in our town and it's safe to say it's our new favorite!

Wednesday night we missed church because Nathan and I had a meet-up with some dear friends of ours. We went to discuss some important future life plans. I will expand more on this when I can. Please be in prayer for our family.

We found out today {Thursday} that we got the teacher we wanted!! There had been a rumor going around that they took all of the GT kids and dispersed them between four classes and the teacher we requested was not one of those. I would be lying if I said I didn't worry all week. We have Meet the Teacher tonight and I was truly worried about it. I didn't want to get there to find out we got a different teacher and have to deal with those emotions in front of Mason. But class schedules were released online before the Meet the Teacher event and I was able to see that Mason did get the teacher we wanted after all. Praise God! I'm so particular about the teachers that I request for Mason. At least while I can. With Mason's ADHD I try to select patient and nurturing teachers. That's where Mason thrives the most is when he's in the care of a kind, caring and patient teacher. Another praise moment...he has Math pretty early in the day. Math is not his strongest subject and he's always had it after lunch. History shows that kids with ADHD have a harder time focusing after lunch and it proved to be the case with Mason as well. So, Praise God for an earlier math time. Maybe Mason can improve more in that subject this year. As much as I'm not ready for school I really do think Mason is going to have an incredible year!

I mentioned earlier that we have a pretty epic weekend planned. Well, Friday night we have a birthday dinner at Magic Time Machine for my nephew's birthday. Mason has never been, so he's excited. Then bright and early Saturday morning we are loading up and heading to the beach. It's been since 2013 that Nathan, Mason and I have been to the Texas coast together. Mason is so anxious and ready. He has hopes of bringing home a hermit crab!

How was your week? What do you have planned for the weekend?

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