{Go Topless Weekend // Jeep Beach}

Today I am going to take it way back to the middle of May when Nathan and I went to Jeep Beach (Go Topless weekend) at Crystal Beach, TX. It was an adults weekend only and we had so much fun. Nathan and I don't do much without Mason, let alone a whole long weekend without him. It was weird, but we managed to have a great time. He was living it up at his Nana and Papas where I am certain he had ice cream for supper more often than not! Lucky kid!

Nathan and I left after work on Thursday and got down around 9:45pm that evening. We fueled up and grabbed our beach permit so that we were ready to go. We stayed in a beach house with some friends from our Jeep club. It was an amazing group and I couldn't imagine experiencing Jeep Beach for the first time with anyone else.

Since it was our first time we went with an open mind and didn't know what to expect. We had heard hundreds of stories, but nothing could have prepared us for that weekend. We saw literally thousands of Jeeps and, well, so much more. Let's just say that some people take the Go Topless literally (not just for Jeeps) and it's definitely not kid friendly. Luckily, our house was at the opposite end of all the crazy.

We woke up Friday morning and went to brunch at one of the only restaurants on the tiny island. The mimosas were good and the staff was great, but food not so much. After brunch we took a stroll down the beach and of course we had to take pictures of the Jeep on the beach for the first time.

Then four of us decided to check out the off-road show. We figured it would be less crowded on a Friday afternoon versus Saturday. We were so right! We were able to spend uninterrupted time with some of our favorite people in the off-road industry!

The rest of the weekend was all about the beach. We set up an area close to our beach house for hanging out, but we made several swipes up and down the beach. And let me paint a picture, you only go about 1 mile every hour. That's how many people and Jeeps there are on the beach! We had some Jeep club friends that had a spot set-up down in the middle of the crazy and we visited them for a while. WHOA! Talk about insane.

Have you ever been to anything like this?

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