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Happy Wednesday! It's been a hot minute since I joined in a Currently post, so here we go! I'm busy catching up on all of our trips and what we've been up to, but wanted to join in on this link-up as well. Here is a look at what I am currently up to...

Following: All the travel Instagram pages and hashtags! There are so many places I need to go and see, but until then I will live vicariously through photos. Instagram is the social media outlet I keep up with the most these days. There's much less drama on IG than there is on FB. ha! While I took a huge break from blogging I did keep up with our everyday life on Instagram. Are we following each other on Insta? Here is my personal, and here is our Jeep Insta where we post all of our Jeeping adventures. 

Ordering: School supplies; backpack, lunchbox, supplies, shoes, books, etc. I can't believe school starts in 22 days. I'm not ready!! Not to mention that my third grader picked out the most grown-up backpack and lunch box this year. I guess the days of character backpacks are long gone! He's so proud of what he picked out all on his own. Also, what did we do before Amazon Prime?!

Pinning: Yesterday was the first time I've logged into Pinterest in months. I've been that busy. I looked up Bible studies/Bible Journaling for the book of Galatians. Our church is currently studying Galatians on Wednesday nights and I wanted to dig a little deeper. 

Watching: Not much of anything. We finished The Ranch on Netflix yesterday. I think we may start Longmire and Yellowstone next. But, with as little TV as we watch it will take us a while. Anything we should be watching?

Counting: down to our next trip! It will have to be just a couple of weekend getaways, but I love those just as much. Where to next?!?

What are you currently up to?

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