{Back to school // post round-up}

Every time I scrolled Instagram over the last few weeks I found myself amazed at how many "first day of school" posts I saw. So many districts start back so early! Like August 1st early. And here I am wallowing in my own self-pity that we start back on the 21st, which I feel is way too soon. Long live summer! Since I work at home I get to keep Mason here with me during the summer and I just enjoy my days with him too much to share him with school! But, it's inevitable that school has to start. And because of that, I've rounded up some of my favorite back to school posts.

P R A Y I N G:
We'll start with the most important thing; Prayers for the New School Year and Praying for our Teachers. I feel like praying is my lifeline for getting through the school year. All of those fears and worries...hand them over to God! And what an honor it is to get to pray for our teachers. They pour into the lives of our littles every single day and the very least (and best) thing we can do for them is pray!

F O N T S:
I've also shared some fun back to school fonts. I know this time of year everyone is printing out calendars, things for the teacher, or making graphics for their blog/social media, etc and so I rounded up some cute fonts for that!

L U N C H B O X  N O T E S:
I recently shared how we do lunchbox notes around here. We ditched the loose paper notes and started putting them in tiny little notebooks that Mason can keep! I write notes, draw pictures, share comforting scripture, etc in these little notebooks. Sometimes Mason writes me notes back in the little notebook! It has become one of our favorite things.

B A C K  T O  S C H O O L  T R A D I T I O N S:
And last but not least, I shared some of our back to school traditions and how we prepare for a new school year. If you've been around my blog for any length of time then you know that traditions are our jam! And as much as I dread the back to school time, it's no exception on those traditions,

So tell me, what do you do to prepare for back to school time?

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