{Currently // August 2019 edition}

I've missed a couple of these, but I'm happy to joining back in with Anne in Residence for Currently. This month we are sharing what we are currently ordering, watching, cooking, wondering, and savoring. 

Ordering - mostly school clothes and supplies. Children's Place recently had their school uniforms on mega sale for $4.99 for each shorts and polos. I stocked up on that sale! I think I got Mason 13 items and only spent $65 total. You just can't beat that. We've also ordered some parts for the CJ off Amazon. That's about it, though! We've been traveling too much to order much of anything.

Watching - again, too much traveling to watch much of anything.  I'm thankful for the Spectrum app and being able to catch up when we can. We really love Yellowstone, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and I recently watched Dead to Me and now I am on season 2 of Big Little Lies. What is a series I should be watching? Things usually slow down in the fall and I have more time for watching shows.

Cooking - this week's menu:
Monday - burgers & sweet potato fries
Tuesday - tacos
Wednesday - church (we eat supper there)
Thursday - grilled chicken & veggies

Wondering - why summer always has to fly by so fast. I feel like the few weeks we do get off in August is filled with preparing for the new school year and makes summer feel so much shorter! I'm going to try to soak up these last summer days the best I can! Long live summer.

Savoring - all the sweet summer memories we have made! Even though summer feels so short we really did pack a lot into those days; sunset suppers at the lake, a few wheelin' trips, a couple of parades, a few trips to the sunflower fields, the waterpark, camping over 4th of July weekend, driving on the racetrack at Texas Motor Speedway, playing in the river, going to the beach, tubing the river, etc. It really has been a beautiful summer.

What are you currently ordering, watching, cooking, wondering, and savoring?

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