In efforts to get my vacation recaps wrapped up, I am combining days 3 & 4! Both days were amazing vacation days!! Here is a look at days three and four of our vacation.

Day three:

Saturday was Ty's birthday so that day was all about celebrating him! He and Michelle wanted to do a helicopter ride that morning, so we headed there first thing. We witnessed a proposal right before their ride and it was so sweet. I'm such a sap and cried for people I don't even know! haha. Ty and Michelle loved the helicopter ride and convinced us that we needed to do it!

After the helicopter ride, we headed to Bubba Gump (on the Pleasure Pier) for a birthday lunch! Man, I always forget how much I love that place. They have the best coconut shrimp! We all enjoyed our meals and the time we got to spend together.

After we ate the wait staff sang to Ty and made him dance! He was such a good sport. I would have been mortified if they asked me to do that! haha.

After lunch, we went to a 5d shark show and mysterious underworld show that the Pleasure Pier offered. Mason completely flipped his wig and was terrified to go into the shark show for some reason! But, we made it through. And he actually enjoyed the underworld part of the show/ride.

After the show, Nathan, Mason and I cruised the beach then hit up the daiquiris to go again!

We capped off the evening with some pool time and a gorgeous sunset!

Day four:

We woke up to a rainy Sunday morning! It made all of us lazy and so we took the day slowly. We hung out in pajamas a little longer than normal and it was lovely. We decided to try out the RV resort bar and grill for lunch and it did not disappoint. While we were eating it came a downpour! Luckily we were inside and not sitting on a patio somewhere.

After lunch Nathan, Mason and I went and drove the seawall. We had planned on going to Murdochs, but we couldn't find any parking at all. So instead we went to Bahama Bucks for snowcones and smoothies and then drove around Galveston some more.

Then we went back to our resort to meet one of our really good friends, Brittany. She was driving up from the Houston area to see us! I was so anxious and excited to see her. While waiting we had a family-friendly competition of ping pong!

Brittany arrived and we spent the next couple of hours chatting and catching up! It was so great to hug her neck. Cool story about our friendship with Brittany...we met on Instagram many, many years ago and the first time we met in person was right here in this area in 2014! We went on an adults-only weekend with another couple of friends of ours! You can read all about that here. Anyhow, we are Internet friends that turned into family! I love this lady to pieces and so thankful she's in my life!!

Brittany had plans to go flounder gigging with a friend that evening and Nathan and I got to tag along! We had never been flounder gigging, so we were all so excited. And especially grateful for more time to get to spend together. We got there a little early so we decided to grab a bite at the oceanside restaurant! Behind the restaurant were boat slips, a dock, fish cleaning station, etc.

Brittany's friend is friends with a guide, so we got to on his awesome boat! It was a flat bottom airboat completely set up for gigging/fishing trips! We had to check several spots before finding some flounder, but we didn't mind. We got to see stingrays, pinfish, crabs, and so much more. Not to mention, all of the beautiful beach houses we were swooning over. Our group ended up getting 4 flounders! It was such a fun night!

And, the video for days 3 & 4...

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