{Hill Country Weekend Getaway // In Numbers}

This past weekend we decided to have a little weekend getaway to the Texas Hill Country to camp and float the Comal river! And as always with most of our trips, I like to recap in numbers. So, here's our weekend getaway in numbers.

225  miles from home to the campgrounds in Fentress, TX
stops on the way there
78 our campsite number
2 # of times we've camped at this particular rv resort
# of restaurants we went to
1 river floating trip
hours of floating the river
items were lost on the floating trip (by the grace of God!)
1 time of being eparated from my family on the river
# of chutes on the river
3 # of items we checked off of our Texas bucketlist
nights of camping
104 average temperature all weekend
28 miles from our campgrounds to the Comal river
15 miles from our campgrounds to Lockhart, TX
1  state park checked out for future reference
3 or 4 # of vintage campers I fell in love with at our campgrounds
1 glorious nap  (even if it was less than 45 minutes)
1 stop on the way home (stopping at Bucees at least once on a trip is a must)

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