Monday evening we had our annual meet the teacher night. Up until lunchtime on Monday we had no clue who our teacher would be. It wasn't posted online anywhere at all. And then I thought to look at the new app our district is using this year and low and behold I saw we were added to "Mrs. Snow's" homeroom! We got the teacher we requested! What a blessing that is. We've heard nothing but amazing things about her and we are so grateful to have a year in her class! I should also mention that Mason is at a different campus this year. His last school was only first through third and this campus is fourth & fifth. So, this was all new territory for us to navigate. Mason sort of knew his way around because he would bus to this campus once a week for the gifted and talented program, but he had only seen certain areas of the school.

Before we left I snapped a few pictures of Mason with his new backpack {all loaded down with his supplies}. I love that we have the opportunity to bring all of the supplies to meet the teacher night. One less thing to have to worry about on the first day of school!

I'm not sure who gave him permission to look all grown, but I don't like it!

As tradition holds, Nate's parent's went with us. Mason always has an entourage for school events and he loves it. His uncle is an officer for his school district and just so happened to be working the event. He got to tag along with us for a portion of the night! Mason has the greatest support system and it just makes my heart so happy!

As soon as we walked in there was a lady with a clipboard and asked for Mason's name. She checks her clipboard and says "Oh you have Mrs. Snow. You are going to love her and you are going to have such a great year!" What an amazing feeling that was. On the way to Mrs. Snow's classroom, we ran into Mason's PreK teacher when he was two who now works at this campus! She also told us how amazing Mrs. Snow was and that we would love her classroom. Two teachers across from us heard who we had and agreed that Mrs. Snow was a phenomenal teacher! That was four people before we even made it the short distance to her class.

On the way to Mrs. Snow's classroom, Mason ran into his Kindergarten teacher who is now his AP! Can I just say that I love small towns??

We get to Mrs. Snow's room and they were right, I fell in love. It was so dreamy! Think all the shiplap/farmhouse goodness! It was so beautiful and perfect and totally how I would decorate my room if I were a teacher. And? His teacher is too adorable for words.

Mason has several of his friends in his class and he's pretty excited about that. Most of these kids he has known since Kindergarten and one particular friend he met when he was just one. Again, I love small towns. We spent some time unloading his supplies and talking with his homeroom teacher before going to meet his 2nd teacher. His homeroom teacher will be his Reading and Social Studies teacher and then he will switch classes for Math & Science. She seems totally sweet as well.

Mason was most excited to get to show all of us his GT room! On the way there we got to tour the science lab, see the gym and meet his coaches, talk with our Pastor (he was there to give out information on a program our church does at this school on Fridays after school), and grab some pictures at the cutest little photo prop area.

Mason wanted to give his new shoes a spin in the gym and see how fast they made him! ha

Mason was really worried that his GT teacher and the classroom wouldn't be open, but we were so grateful it was. She said we were the only student to come visit her that evening. She's in a portable building behind the school. We spent a good bit of time talking with her and looking around Mason's favorite classroom!

After we left his GT room we went back in to see the other side of the school. We toured the music room, the stem lab, computer lab, library, signed up for PTO, grabbed a family picture and met the head principal. Mason is so excited that he gets to do STEM/Robotics in fourth grade!

And then we all went out to eat for supper! And as another tradition holds, we went to Amaya's. What can I say, we are such for traditions. It was a great night! We got such a good feeling about this school and I think we are ready to tackle this year.

And for the video:

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