{How we do school Lunchbox Notes}

I know, I know...it's summer time for most of you and I am talking about school lunchbox notes. What am I even doing? haha. But, this is something Mason and I have really enjoyed this year and I wanted to share here on my blog. This is how we do lunchbox notes...

I have written Mason a lunchbox note every single day since he started packing a lunch for school. And Mason is the type of kid that wants to keep every single note I ever give him (I don't know where he gets that from! haha). Well, most days the notes would come home wet and ink smeared and he would be so upset when I would have to throw them away. Then I finally came up with the perfect solution for lunchbox notes!!!

A little notebook kept in a ziplock bag!

Genius right? I mean, if I do say so myself. I am sure many already do this, but it took me until the 3rd grade to figure it out. Better late than never.

And it has worked so great for us! I write him a note each day and date it. Some times I draw pictures or leave him encouraging Bible verses. And it's all kept right there together in the little notebook. I believe each of these little notebooks is around 75-100 pages. We went through 2 books in 3rd grade. So much better and easier than keeping up with hundreds of pieces of paper! I keep it in a ziplock to save it from the mess that is Mason's lunch aftermath! 

Do you write lunchbox notes? What is your method?

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