I'm back to recap day 2 of our summer beach vacation! Again, it was another day of heavy picture taking so I will only share day two today. We all slept in until 9ish and it was glorious. Isn't that what vacation is all about? Staying up late and sleeping in? One of my favorite parts. We knew that we wanted to do some shopping and figured a weekday would be better than a weekend as far as crowds go so we got ready and headed to The Strand (downtown shopping district in Galveston).

The Strand is such a neat part of Galveston. I love all of the old buildings and history there. Mason found a watch that he fell in love with at the very first store we went to. We told him that if after we shopped all the other shops and he was still thinking about the watch we would go back and get it. Meanwhile, Nana bought Mason the cutest little beach hat and I found some cute sandals. We went to a hands-on toy store called Play on the Strand and had so much fun! I think it brought out the kid in all of us.

By the time we got to the cute touristy photo opp location, we were getting hungry. Nathan and Mason did a haunted Pirate tour while the rest of us decided on lunch. We all decided on Stutt Garden because it was right there and the food looked good online. And it was even better than it looked online!

If you're ever on the Strand I would definitely recommend this place! And, if you sit at the far back of the restaurant you will have a nice view of the ocean/cruise ship area.

After lunch we walked the other side of the Strand. We passed someone with a huge Bacon Bloody Mary and you know our group had to find one!! I didn't try it, but everyone else said it was amazing!!

We finished up that side of the Strip and Mason was still thinking about that watch from the first shop. So, we went back and Nana bought it for him. He was so excited to have a dupe of a very expensive watch! haha. I love him!

On the way back to the RV resort we stopped at the bait shop and I found the cutest bowl made out of a coconut shell. It was the perfect souvenir for me, so I grabbed it. The bait shop also had a few little photo opps so we took advantage.

We got back to the resort and crabbed a little bit before we decided to head to the beach. But not before hitting up Surfin Rita's Daiquiris to go. I got a Dreamacolada (Pina Colada and Dreamsicle) and it is what dreams are made of! So freakin' delicious! Everyone in our group agreed it was the best drink we'd gotten from there so far. We also picked up 12 Jello shots because why not? Vacation, right?

We enjoyed a couple of hours on the beach and then came back to the resort. And there we witnessed yet another beautiful sunset. There is so much solace in a sunset and I'm here for it.

And, our video for day two:

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