{Our first Texas Ranger game of the 2019 season}

The Friday before last a family friend gifted us two tickets to the Ranger game. We hadn't had a chance to attend a game yet and knew we wanted to go to a game since it's the last season at this ballpark! It was the perfect opportunity to do so! Our plan was to go and buy Mason a cheap child's ticket because we didn't think we would sit much anyhow. But, we ended up sitting the entire game and had a blast!!

They gave out baseball cards when we entered the ballpark and Mason was so excited to get them! We also got to sign a thank you card for Michael Young which was pretty cool. Mason asked us if we could sign up for the Junior Texas Ranger Club again this season, so we tackled that first.

Mason got a backpack, a jersey, a hat, a Rusty Greer bobblehead, a lanyard, and VIP pass and will receive some free tickets in the mail all for $25 bucks. The Junior Ranger Club is so worth it!

Then we went to find our seats! Our plan was to just sit for a little while and if someone came and needed Mason's seat {since we only had tickets for 2 seats in that section} we would get up and move on about. But, no one ever game and we were enjoying the game so much that we stayed there for the entire game and even the firework show afterward!

We had such an amazing evening together! And all agreed that even though the Rangers lost it was one of our favorite games to date. It was just so enjoyable! We had great seats, shade and a wonderful breeze!!

And for the video:

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