{A morning spent at Burger's Lake}

Two Saturdays ago was our last one before school started and we knew we wanted to do something special with Mason. One last summer hurrah if you will! We had seen pictures posted by a friend of a placed called Burger's Lake and we knew that would be perfect! Mason is such a water kid and can't get enough!

We arrived shortly after they opened at 9am because we could only stay a couple of hours. We had my nephew's birthday party to attend at noon that day! We got in around 9:20 after waiting in a little bit of a line. We weren't able to park up close to the lake, but we weren't too far either. And when I say lake, it's not really a lake. It has filtered water and is actually really clean!! We got in the water pretty quick. It was cold at first but felt good after a while. This lake has a trapeze, slides, and diving boards. Mason was pretty excited about it!

The only downside is that you have to be a super strong swimmer because the water depth below the slides and diving boards is like 30 foot. I think that intimidated Mason! He knows how to swim, but all of a sudden he was a little apprehensive. We still had a great time!

Next time we will make sure Mason is more confident in his swimming skills! But all in all, we had fun and it was nice to cool off. This Texas heat is no joke!

And a short video:

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