It's no secret that we love to go camping around here. I thought since we are basically seasoned pros by now (and I use that term loosely because we are still learning all the camping hacks) I would share some tips here. I've been camping with Nathan's family for almost 23 years now and we've been camping with Mason for 9 years. I figured I would start by compiling a list of camping activities for kids. These are just some of the things we love to do.

⛺ go hiking
⛺ catch fireflies
⛺ ride bikes
⛺ go on a nature scavenger hunt {printable here}
⛺ make s'mores
⛺ tell stories by the fire
⛺ go fishing
⛺ find and paint rocks
⛺ go geocaching {app}
⛺ go swimming
⛺ have a water balloon fight
⛺ star gaze {app}
⛺ find and identify animal tracks {app}
⛺ make a nature/camping journal
⛺ play tic tac toe with nature {sticks, rocks, leaves, pinecones, acorns, etc.} Or use this DIY

What are your favorite camping activities?

Also check out 12 Handy Apps for Camping.

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