Weekend Wrap-up // Floating the Brazos River}

I don't know about you, but I am not a fan of these summer weekends flying by so fast! I feel like I went to bed on Friday and woke up to it being Monday. Summer, please sloooow down! We did have a great weekend, though. Here is our weekend wrap-up.

Friday was a normal workday for me. Nate and Mason were off and slept in as much as they could. Then Nate got busy working on the CJ. He had to take it for tags and inspection first thing and then had to replace a fan. But, that ended up being a whole ordeal. Long story short, the new fan didn't come with any of the electrical components and then Nate accidentally poked a pin-sized hole in the radiator. Nothing can ever be easy, right? I guess it builds character! ha.

I made a couple pairs of new earrings with some new material I had found at Hobby Lobby! I really wish they would have a bigger selection of materials, but I am happy they at least got a few new options!

That evening we had supper at Chick Fil A and then took Mason to spend the night with his Nana and Papa. We had an early wake-up call on Saturday and it's just easier for everyone if we don't have to wake Mason up that early! ha!

Saturday we tubed the Brazos River with our sweet friends Keri & Michael over at Life on Back Forty. Another couple was supposed to join us but had to cancel last minute due to work schedules. We got on the river through Hillbilly Haven. They provide all of the tubes, the ropes to tie together, a cooler tube, and shuttle you to the dropping off point. Not bad for only $19 a person!

On the way there it poured on us and was not looking very promising for a day on the river. But it cleared up once we got there. And it only rained on us once when we were on the river and only lasted about 10 minutes or so. Nothing we couldn't handle! It was such a fun day. I would say relaxing, but not all of it was relaxing. The river wasn't flowing too great and there were several low spots. We had to work for that tubing trip! ha. But, it was a blast nonetheless.

After a long day on the river, we capped off the adults day with a quick walkthrough Teskys (they were closing in less than 40 minutes) and then had Mexican food at Rosa's cafe! Then it was back home to our boy! Which, had a cousin camp at his Nana & Papa's while we were at the river.

On the way home, we were both missing our boy and wanted to do something with him. Since it was already after 9:00pm we decided on a late-night movie. We went to see Spiderman Far From Home and we all enjoyed it! And Nathan and I both managed to stay awake!

Sunday was your typical 'do everything to prepare for the next week' kind of day.

And as always, a video from our tubing trip:

If you're thinking about floating the river any time soon my friend Keri has a great blog on what to pack for a floating trip. Check it out here.

How was your weekend?

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