{Five on Friday // last full week before school}

As much as I tried to pump the breaks on this week, it still flew by in a flash. It was our last full week before school starts and I just wanted it to go by slowly. That didn't happen. But man oh man, we sure did enjoy it. We didn't do a whole lot of anything, but we sure did get in some quality family time. And that? That's my favorite!! Here's a little bit of what we've been up to this week.

{O N E} Rides in the CJ
One day this week were all feeling the need for a good ol' fountain drink from Sonic so we took the CJ to town! Mason loves getting to ride in the CJ and is all smiles the entire time! I forgot to bring a hat, so I didn't see much of anything. haha.

{T W O} New earrings
I made 11 new pairs of earrings this week {well, technically I made 22 pairs because I made two of each design} and I am so in love with them! I found some new faux leather to try out. Such cute patterns! I need to find another cut designs I like to mix it up a bit.

{T H R E E} Chasing sunsets
Last night we actually went out for supper. We've been cooking at home all week because we are doing Keto, but last night we just needed a night out. Nate and I stuck to our diets, we just let someone else do the cooking for us! After supper we went to walk around Harbor Freight for a bit, grabbed Mason some froyo and then chased the sunset!  I hope I never grow tired of watching the sunset. It's such a beautiful remind of the God we serve!!!

{F O U R} Visiting family
After the lake, we went by Ty and Michelle's house {Nate's youngest brother and his fiance}. Mason had something he had been wanting to give to Michelle. I love the special bond those two have! Nate and I didn't want to intrude since we didn't let them know we were coming. Mason wanted to surprise her. But, they invited us in to see what they had done with the place. It looks so adorable and so perfectly them!!

{F I V E} Last weekend before school
This is the last weekend we have before school starts {not that the adventuring will stop, but still!} so we have grand plans for Mason. Tonight we are taking him to the Ranger game and tomorrow we are taking him to Burger's Lake. Then we have a couple of birthday parties to attend.  I can't wait to spend time with my best boys!

Happy weekend! Any plans?

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