{Ten things I am bad & good at}

My friend Dara at Not in Jersey recently posted about 10 things she was good at and 10 things she was not good at. I thought it would be fun to join in with her. I have to say, it was much easier coming up with the things I am bad at than it was the things I am good at! The last three things on my good list took me forever to come up with. ha! It's true that we are always our own worst critic, huh? Anyhow, here is my list...

1.) Being a wife and a mama - oh my word...I feel like these are two of my biggest callings and I love it something fierce! These are also two of the biggest blessings in my life and I couldn't be more thankful! I know that I fail at times, but I try not to take either of these things for granted. This is something I get to do...by the Grace of God...not something I have to do. I will spend all of my days being the best version of myself that I can be to Nathan and Mason {and my sweet pups, too!}

2.) My job - I pride myself on how well I do my job. I may have 100's of clients, but I try to make each one feel like they are my only client. I also spend time building relationships with my clients so that I know how to better service them. I worry when I have to take days off because I don't want to let my clients down.

3.) Taking photos - not in a sense of skill, but at documenting and preserving memories. Photographs are so important to me. I know my boys may get frustrated with me now, but I have a feeling they will be thankful later in life. Although, I need to work harder at being in the frame and not always behind the lens.

4.) Being a friend - mercy, I love being a friend and I love my friends.  If you're a friend of mine you can count on me being loyal, trustworthy, and prayerful for you. I would do anything for my friends!!

5.) Discernment - this is a gift God gave me although at times I am not sure I want it! Discernment brings a lot of heartache. 

6.) Traveling - I could so be a travel agent and love it! I find it so fun to research the area we are traveling to, print maps and info and coupons, etc. I usually have a travel book any time we go somewhere for any length of time. I also pre-program things into my phone so that we can travel with ease! I love it. 

7.) Legos - yes, I am serious! When Mason gets a huge Lego set I almost always help him. His attention span {or sitting still} is short so he recruits me. I find it therapeutic to build them. I can't believe I said that...because really I despise Legos. They are taking over our house. And, have you ever stepped on a Lego? Enough said.

8.) Patience - I can't even believe I am able to write that on my list of things I am 'good' at. Lord knows that I haven't always been patient. But, having a child with ADHD has taught me so much about patience, as it requires a lot. Out of love for my child and learning how to better meet his needs I had to pray a lot of prayers to God for granting me patience. And the Lord has provided that to me! I am so thankful. 

9.) Being a room mom - for Mason's classes! I love kids. And I love to make events at school special for them. You just never know what their home life is like and that little celebration may be the only one they get. I love to see the smiles on their faces and to hear them talk about how awesome school is!! 

And for #10 I asked Mason something I was good at...

10.) Taking pictures, working on computers, and being a mom. {I made him thinking of something else since I had already written those above} Helping everyone. Taking care of the dogs and me and dad and everyone else.

1.) Singing - I can't carry a tune in a bucket! It's unfortunate though because I love music!! 

2.) Cooking - I mean, I can follow a recipe or make something from a box or bag like nobody's business...but cooking something from scratch? Totally not my thing! 

3.) Not worrying - I have always been a worrier. Always. It's something I can't control and I hate that. I stress over things that are beyond my control when I need to just give it to God and to have faith in His plan and His will. Why is this so hard?

4.) Giving in - especially to Mason. I don't know if it's because he's an only child {that we prayed for so many years} or the fact that he's so darn cute and sweet {most of the time}, but I can hardly say no to that child. I know this is not doing him any favors and I need to stop.

5.) Being tidy - I am messy. I admit it. I have piles of clothes all over my bedroom and bathroom, buuuuut I know exactly where things are. 

6.) Reading - I always have the best of intentions, but it takes me forever to read a book. Social Media or taking photos usually wins over reading. Unless we are on vacation. I've found that's when I read the most. Most of the time I wake up before the rest of the family and signal is usually too spotty for social media, so I read on my kindle app.

7.) Mailing things - I do almost everything online so if something needs to be mailed I usually always forget or put it off. I am not sure why. It's not like it's hard to walk to the mailbox. But going to the Post Office? That's a different story! It's clear across town and I just loathe that place. 

8.) Surprises - I hate them! Like really, really hate them. Even good surprises. I am not sure why, but I have always been this way. And I am bad at surprising people because I know how much I hate to be surprised. I had to keep our trip to Disney World a secret from Mason for months and I thought that was going to kill me. {dramatic, I know} 

9.) Cleaning out my car - it gets so messy with things Mason brings and leaves in the car. I also have a tendency of putting on my makeup in the car which is sometimes messy. I don't drive much {especially in the summer} and so it's something I don't ever think about. I know...funny how it can get so messy when not driving it that often. But, it adds up and I go too long without cleaning/vacuuming/detailing it. 

And for #10 I once again asked Mason something I was bad at...

10.} Nothing. {his answer, not mine!}


  1. Oh friend my list would look so very similar to yours. Especially on the mailing level. I HATE going to the post office. Hate it! So fun to learn a little more about Crystal today!

  2. Sounds like you are great at the important things!! I am terrible with mailing things too. In fact right now I'm sitting at my kitchen table looking at en envelope with a rebate that I need to mail out. It's been sitting there for over a week! Yikes!

  3. I like the things you are good at, I can picture all of them well! I'm with you at being bad at singing, cooking, keeping tidy, and not worrying!

  4. Going to the post office is literally the worst thing ever. I am so bad at it. I've been meaning to mail something for over a month now. Nope... still sitting here waiting for me to get my booty to the post office.

  5. Oh I love this post, Crystal. And good for you for having lots of patience. I am an EXTREMELY impatient person and it's something I fear I will always struggle with. I have definitely gotten better with it since we started our journey to have kids but I could still use some work, that's for sure.

  6. I don't even think your list of "bad" can be considered bad!! You are too sweet!

  7. This is so fun!! I may have to steal it. Your good things are awesome and your "bad" things I wouldn't consider bad. 😊

  8. Oh bless that sweet boy of yours! He is just the best! Take that for as long as you can right? Lol

  9. Awww Mason's answers :) I'm not the best at being tidy either...

  10. You and I have pretty much identical "bad" lists. Maybe just throw dancing on there too, for good measure ;) I love Mason's list of good traits. I'd say he hit the nail on the head.


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