{New Mexico Vacation // Days 1 and 2}

Hey hey hey! I am finally starting to document our New Mexico vacation! A trip to the mountains was just what my soul needed. We had so much fun. Although we packed so much into the trip we really did have a relaxing time. I think the mountains just do that to you. And it's a much slower pace of living. And maybe the fact that we could actually be outside without feeling like we were melting or suffocating! I think I was most looking forward to the lower temps and the lower humidity, and well, NM did not disappoint. When it was 20 % humidity in NM it was like 88% in Texas. Such a major difference. Coming home was like a big slap in the face. Anyhow, here are days 1 and two of our New Mexico vacation.

D A Y  O N E

We left home around 10:00 am and started our journey to Post, TX. It was our stopping point for the day. It was about halfway to our destination. Nate's dad was pulling the camper and he normally doesn't like to drive longer than 6 hours at a time with it. Especially in the Texas heat! The road trip there seemed pretty quick and Mason did so well. We arrived in Post somewhere around 4:30 pm. And whoa was it HOT! Our temperature gauge was reading 114 degrees at one point and with the heat index it was even hotter. We got situated and tried to cool off in the camper...which was also trying to cool off. Then we all loaded up and went to eat at Holly Burger. It's the thing to do when in Post, TX. It was just okay. I guess we are spoiled to some good burger joints in our hometown. After dinner we drove around a bit to see the big {ha} town of Post, TX and then fueled up to be ready for the drive in the morning.  Then we went back and hung out outside all the while melting. Nate fished a bit and the boys rode on their bikes. Then we called it a night. It was a long night for me. I heard every noise made outside as well as the train that passed through 3 different times. The tracks were right on the other side of our bedroom!

D A Y  T W O

We started day two pretty early so that we could eat breakfast at George's before hitting the road. Mason wasn't really interested in any of the breakfast items so he opted to not eat and grab donuts instead. After breakfast we got the campers packed up and we headed out. The drive from Post to NM is pretty boring with flat grounds and those big electric windmill things. I think we were just anxious to see some mountains. We did see a really neat tomb and huge cross off the side of the road and made a mental note to stop there on the way back.

Then finally around 2 pm we started seeing the faintest outline of mountains and man were we excited! We made it to our destination around 3:00. Nathan and I couldn't wait to get settled and go explore! So that's what we did. We helped get the camper set up and then we learned that a friend of my Mother in Law's got us in the Jockey Club at Ruidoso Downs the next day. It's a prestigious type of place where women are expected to dress nice. Since we were on a mountain vacation none of us had brought those type of clothes. So, we went out to find something to wear.

 Once we got back everyone was just hanging out, but Nate and I wanted to go drive around. We found a place called Two Rivers Park and we walked around and explored that area. It was so pretty! There were tons of people there doing photo shoots!

After our little adventure we went back to the RV resort and ate supper with the group. Then we ran to the edge of the campgrounds to take some photos of the sun setting behind the mountains. There was a major highway between us and the mountains making it a little tricky, but we managed. While I was snapping photos this little hummingbird {my absolute favorite} joined me and hung out for quite a while! It was so cool. I caught it in a couple of pictures.

And that is a wrap on the first and second day of vacation. I'm going to try to break this up into parts so that the recaps are not forever long. I did, however, take over 1400 pictures. Eeek!


  1. I love the sunset photos. I want to go to NM soon! It looks amazing.

  2. Oh give me mountains and sunsets and cooler temperatures always and forever!!

  3. OH Crystal, what a trip! I love NM... I haven't been since I was 12 and I want to go back. All of your photos are just gorgeous, girl!

  4. What a major change between Post and NM. So cool. Love all the evening photos that you guys got. I can't wait to hear more about your trip!

  5. I've never been to NM but girl, you've got me wishing we had a trip West planned! Maybe we will tackle west of the Mississippi in 2018.

  6. Oh friend I have been eagerly awaiting your vacation photos and they did not disappoint I can't wait to see more!

  7. Hummingbirds are my absolute fave too! Gorgeous shots, my friend.

  8. Love those pictures!! Looks like a great start to your trip!


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