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Back in April I wrote my first Five Things Bringing me Joy Right Now post, and then my 2nd post in July. Beth joined in and shared Five Things Bringing her Joy in July also. We love writing these posts so much that we decided to make it a link-up. And we asked our dear friends Stephanie and Jess to join us. Life can get so busy and mundane and it's always good to find the joy in the day to day. We all have something bringing us joy, right? We would love for you to join us in sharing your joy.

Simply choose 5 things that are bringing joy to your life and make it a blog post about it. Link-up the post with us on the fourth Friday of every month. This makes it perfect for a Five on Friday post as well. Also, we will be choosing a guest host each month from those that linked up the previous month. Grab the graphic above and join us!

Here are Five things Bringing Me Joy right now...

1.) My sweet hubby //
Today is our 11th wedding anniversary. Eleven years married! And what a sweet eleven years that has been. Y'all when I started dating Nathan (back when I was 15) I told all of my best friends (and anyone else that would listen) that I was going to marry this man one day. They all laughed and gave me a "yeah right", but I just knew. God so perfectly designed this man for me. Nathan brings so much joy to all of my days and I could never thank the Good Lord enough for him. He is most definitely my better half. I always say that he's the calm to my chaos, and that is still so true. I am a worrier by nature and he always knows just how to make me feel calm and safe. We spend every possible moment together and it always still feels so brand new. Funny because while it feels brand new I can't remember my life before him. Oh how I love him! Happy Anniversary my love! (To read more of our story - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, ten years)

2.) The Suffering & Sovereignty Study on the First Five App // 
This study through the books of Job, Lamentations, and Ecclesiastes has spoken so much truth to me. As most of you know Nathan and I struggle with infertility and most recently, loss. We've had two miscarriages since January of 2015. It's so easy to want to question God with the "why me?" and "why must I suffer" questions, but through this study I am understanding deeper that these are not undeserved acts against me, but part of God's sovereign plan for me. This study has brought so much hope and joy to my life.

3.) Sunrises // 
Oh God, I can't thank you enough for these amazing skies you so graciously paint for us. Throughout the summer I would sleep in until the last possible minute before work and I missed out on these gorgeous sunrises. I forgot just how much joy they bring to my life! I can't believe I am about to say this, but I am thankful I have to wake up early again. Now I get to taste a bit of God's goodness through these beautiful colors he paints in the sky!

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
- Psalm 19:1

4.) My precious 2nd grader //
Y'all!!!! I can't even tell you how much this joy this sweet little guy brings to my life. He is the kindest, most precious little thing. The other night after I had spent the whole day preparing for the first day of school and we were in bed he told me, "Mom, thank you for all that you do for me. I know you do a lot." I was a blubbering mess. I didn't bring light to all the things I was doing to prepare for that day or try to make it known, I just did it. And he recognized it. He constantly tells me that I am his best girl and that he loves me to the tip top of God's throne and back infinity times. Joy. Pure joy is what he brings to this mama's heart.

5.) Elevation Worship //
I couldn't not share about worship music. It's such a huge part of my life and brings so much joy to my heart. Right now I am stuck on Elevation Worship. I love their music! I've had the song "Do it Again" on constant repeat. It also brings hope to my life while in the waiting. 

I know the night won't last Your word will come to pass My heart will sing your praise again Jesus you're still enough Keep me within your love My heart will sing your praise again Your promise still stands Great is your faithfulness, faithfulness I'm still in your hands This is my confidence You've never failed Your promise still stands Great is your faithfulnes, faithfulness I'm still in your hands This is my confidence You've never failed me yet I've seen you move, you move the moutains And I believe I'll see you do it again You made a way, when there was no way And I believe I'll see you do it again I'll see you do it again

Jesus, you're still enough. 

What are five things bringing you joy right now?


  1. Happy 11th Anniversary! You two were seriously made for each other. Such a wonderful couple. Mason is the sweetest thing! I love how observant he is and that he's always so thankful and loving. You're doing a great job mom! :)

  2. I need to check out this First Five App!

    Thank you so much for going along with the craziness of making this happen. I am so excited and I really hop others join the fun of thinking about Joy!

  3. Your sweet words about your husband are what marriages and love are all about! I love this!! I am so so sorry to hear about your infertility and miscarriages. It's such a heartbreaking experience to have to go through I would imagine. Praying for you!
    You mention sunrises, and it's funny, because I used to see the sunrise every morning on my way to work. I worked about 20 minutes from home and that would be my favorite part of my day. Now, I have a new job and work less than 1 minute from home and I miss the sunrises. I keep telling myself I need to wake up earlier to see them!!

    Thank you so much for hosting this fun linkup!!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Eleven years is so amazing. I love that y'all have been together since you were 15. What a sweet love story.

    I love my devotionals and magnificent skies, too. Mason is such a joy and a blessing. You are always in my prayers with your struggles with miscarriages and infertility.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend, doll.
    Stay safe with the hurricane coming.

  5. Oh my goodness happy anniversary!! Hope you guys have the very best weekend! Celebrate!

  6. This is such a great list! I love elevation worship!

  7. Oh I need to check out the first 5 app! That study sounds amazing! I'm recently a Bible on my phone concert and I'm loving it!
    Love the new link up!

  8. What a fun linkup idea! I am loving sunrises too!! Waking up early and sipping my coffee while watching the sun rise has become a favorite for me this month! And happy anniversary!!

  9. I love this list! Happy Anniversary!

  10. Happy Anniversary!! And Mason's just the sweetest.


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