{New Mexico Vacation // Day 5}

Day five in New Mexico was a busy, but fun one. We packed a lot into this day. But not before enjoying an awesome breakfast at camp and a sweet little hummingbird that kept visiting.

We started off by driving about 10 minutes to Ruidoso to Funtrackers. It's a place that has putt putt, go carts, bumper boats, a mountain maze, and panning for gems/gold. We tried to get there early before it got crowded and hot. Both of those things happened shortly after we got there. While we were waiting in line for tickets Mason enjoyed a little digging.

Then we were off to ride Go-carts. Mason had to ride with an adult on the bigger go-carts, but they also had a track that he could drive himself. He had a blast!

Then it was time for bumper boats. I didn't ride, but don't you worry I got just as wet. Everyone in the boats sprayed me with their water guns! It felt so good and was the perfect way to cool down.

After the bumper boats Michelle took Mason to the mountain maze while the rest of us stopped to get a drink. We watched them in the maze from a look-out deck for a while. We tried to lead them to the clues, but it was hard!

Then it was time to pan for gold. Nathan, Mason, Michelle, Ty and I all bought tickets to do this. We weren't sure what to expect, but oh my word it was a blast. So much that we let Mason help with ours and then bought him another ticket to do it again. We came out with so many gems and gold.

After a fun few hours at Funtrackers we went over to Inn of the Mountain Gods so that a couple of people could sign up for the zip lining. It was such a neat place with so many different activities you could do. Ty and Michelle were the only two brave ones to sign up for zip lining. Mason wanted to do it, but he didn't weigh enough. I was thankful for that.

After we got them signed up we went to lunch at Subway. There were not many dining options in that area and we were all tired, hot and hungry. Then we went to a place we saw while driving called Fox Cave. We thought it was a cave you could tour, but turns out it was just a souvenir type of shop. Mason enjoyed looking at all the rocks, gems and fools gold.

After Fox Cave we met everyone else back at camp. Then a group of us decided to go check out the lake we had found on the internet. The guys wanted to see if it would be a good place to fish. It was a pretty lake, but there were tons of people fishing there.

Then it was time for another drive up the mountains!

And we ended the day with this glorious sunset!!


  1. You guys always find the best places and things to do! And those sky pictures as always man I cant!!!

  2. I have never wanted to go to New Mexico until now! These photos are just so much fun and those mountain sunsets. LOVE!

  3. That looks like a unique souvenir shop! I would like to try ziplining even though I'm sure I'd be so nervous!

  4. Wow what a fun day!!! Go Karts are so fun!! We are heading to TN next spring break and the hubby is talking zip lining and I'm kind of hoping Brayden doesn't want to!!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!