{The Daily Dime // A Day In the Life // August 2017}

Time for another round of The Daily Dime - A Day in the Life. I really enjoyed writing this post last month and the month before and think these posts will be fun to look back on at a later time. It's amazing how much a day in our lives can change depending on the season or time of year. Here is a look at a day in our life...

A few notes:
Date - Tuesday, August 15, 2017
A normal work at home day in the summer {aka, a pretty boring day}
Mason is still out for summer break - age 7 years and 3 months
All photos taken with iPhone 7 Plus

7:50 am | I finally stop snoozing my alarm and get up! The alarm was originally set for 7:10, but I just couldn't do it. The luxuries of working at home...I can just roll into my home office in my pajamas! But, not before waking Mason {trying to get him back on an earlier schedule before school starts}, take Lexi and Diesel outside, and then feed them. Then I went to help Mason brush his teeth. I know, he's 7, but I still help him. He's a lazy brusher. Well, while were in the bathroom for all of five minutes Lexi pooped in the living room. Ugh! We had just come in from outside. I'm going to have to start taking Diesel and Lexi outside one at a time in the mornings. Lexi gets distracted by Diesel and only wants to play. She has done so good about not using the bathroom in the house, but I guess she really had to go. Once I get that cleaned up and wash my hands it's off to the office I go.

I check work emails and tackle projects. Work is busy today. 

10:00 am | Mason is hungry so I gather the dogs for a potty break. Might as well take them while I'm going that way. Come in and wash my hands and then make Mason a sandwich, yogurt, jello, and doritos. That's his favorite lunch. I'm just glad when he eats. 

10:11 am | Back to work. Mason eats in my office while watching a movie on Netflix. He is blown away by the fact that the main character looks just like his Kindergarten teacher.  

11:37 am The dogs are restless, so we go out for another potty break. I make Lexi sit pretty for a picture. She gets to work on sitting and staying and I get a picture out of it. Normally she does so great at this, but this time she was distracted by a bird in the nearby crape myrtle tree. I have so many pictures in my phone of her sitting so picture perfect. She's the cutest and I am in love with her. 

11:54 am The mailman is here. Normally I wouldn't check the mail until later in the day, but today I was expecting an adorable dress. So, needless to say I was excited to get the mail and try on the dress. It's gorgeous, but so long on my short frame. I will probably have to have it taken up. Womp womp. And I was hoping to wear it this weekend. 

Back to work.

Mercy, work is busy today. It's now 3:23 and I still haven't had lunch. Might as well just wait for supper now.

4:00 pm Quittin' time! Whew. What a day. Time to straighten up the house, switch over the laundry, feed the dogs and wait for the Hubbs to get home. 

5:08 pm Jesus time! I am currently doing the Suffering and Sovereignty {Job, Lamentations, and Ecclesiastes} study on the First 5 App. It's been such a good study and I am learning so much  and have been blessed by this study.

5:52 pm Nate is home and immediately starts working with Lexi outside. We have two acres and normally just let Lexi roam. Well, we realized the other day that Lexi will need to know how to walk on a leash when we take her places. Oops! So, Nate has been working with her on the leash. She's doing pretty good. Especially when treats are involved. 

Mason and I hung out on the porch and watched. I tried to take some pictures, but they were on the go too much. 

6:26 pm We didn't have anything planned for supper so I volunteered to go to town and get something. As I was leaving the house the sky looked so cool and I had to take a picture. God's masterpieces in the sky never cease to amaze me! 

6:50 pm Mason chose Chicken Express for supper {along with everyone else in our town}. He loves their rolls and sweet tea. He has called their rolls sweet bread since forever and I have to watch myself because I almost always ask for 'sweet bread' rather than rolls. Today was no exception. Nathan wanted Taco Bell so I ended up going to both places. I am still dieting so I got some soft tacos and transferred them to my low carb tortillas when I got home. Not bad.

7:48 pm So...Lexi has been able to jump on the couch for several weeks now. We do not let her on the couches often, but sometimes we just can't resist her cuddles. She's the sweetest little thing. She loves to snuggle you and give kisses. 

8:01 pm Nate went out to mow before it got too dark. Mason, the pups and I went outside for a few minutes. I worked on sit/stay with Lexi again and this time Mason hopped in the picture. Earlier today Mason had her stand on her hind legs and she was almost as tall as him. It was crazy to see! She's growing so fast. Diesel hates pictures and will literally run if he sees you point a camera or phone at him. Like, how does he even know what I am doing? It's wild.

8:46 pm Showered and in bed reading. Mason asked if he could take a picture of me because he loves the lights over my bed. He say's it's so cool. ha. And it works because I needed one more picture to complete this post.

That's a wrap on one very mundane week days! 


  1. I'm a huge day in the life posts fan! These are the posts you'll cherish because these days are so fleeting! I love rereading mine from when Dom was a baby! Sniff.

  2. I love getting little peeks into others days. That dress is gorgeous. Sorry it was a bit long. It probably would've been a bit short on me :P. The struggle is real, isn't it friend?!

  3. Love these posts! So fun to see what other people's days look like. I have one coming out in a few weeks. :)

  4. Mason is right, those lights over your bed are so cool. Love them. Sounds like a nice day & that picture of the sky went you left to pick up food - beautiful. :)

  5. I shared our Sunday which was pretty low-key. Nothing wrong with having "simple normal" days.

  6. I love these posts so much!! One day it will be so nice to look back on these "everyday" moments!

  7. What a fun day. I miss summer already!


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