{New Mexico Vacation // Days 6 & 7}

In efforts to finish up these New Mexico vacation posts {taking me forever} I am combining days 6 and 7. We packed so much into our week in New Mexico and I took too many pictures. Makes it hard to recap because it's overwhelming. Anyhow, on day 6 we visited the quaint little town of Lincoln and on day 7 we made our way around Ruidoso. Both were pretty enjoyable days.

This day started out much like the days before...breakfast at camp before heading out to explore some nearby towns. We drove about 35-40 minutes to the quaint little town of Lincoln, NM. Lincoln is known as the Wild West Frozen in time. Billy the Kid made his marks upon this town and is where he became a legend. Several of us bought a museum pass to tour 5-7 buildings packed with history of Billy the Kid. It was so interesting! Such a little town with so much history.

Mason enjoyed talking to all of the museum workers and asking them questions. His number one question was if the place was haunted. I'm with him...sure seemed like they could be. The lady in the picture above leaning on the counter told Mason he was welcome to come back at midnight and sit in the place to watch for ghosts. He kindly declined!

After touring Lincoln we headed back to camp. It was Fourth of July so we got out all of our red, white and blue. And Mason and I got to wear the shirts I made for us. We had hoped to see the fireworks from our campgrounds, but no such luck. The mountains blocked our view. But, we did have an amazing dinner complete with glow sticks galore.

Two members of our group had a zip-lining appointment that morning at Inn of the Mountain Gods. So we all set out for that. It was about a 10 minute drive from our campsites. Ty and Michelle ziplined from the mountains over the lake and back to the resort. It was fun to watch them! They said it was fun and not scary at all.

After ziplining we sought out somewhere to eat in Ruidoso. We settled on some random restaurant in the middle of the area we wanted to shop at. We hadn't gotten any souvenirs, so we were on the search for Ruidoso t-shirts. We went to several shops and then it started raining. Nathan, Mason and I did one of those old time picture things and it came out pretty cute. Well, Mason and Nathan were adorable. ha. Then we all headed back to camp.

That afternoon Nathan, Mason, Michelle and I decided to take the mountain drive up to Ski Apache! It's one of the highest points in Ruidoso. On the way there we saw wild horses and it was just about the coolest thing ever. The drive up was pretty frightening as it was a narrow drive with huge drop-offs. I could hardly look down! But once we got up to the top it was so worth it. The views were breathtaking!!

We ended the evening with a fire and s'mores!


  1. Oh man I would have been all over that zip-lining! That is something I have always wanted to try.

  2. I want to pack a bag (or two because let's be honest, I need more than just one) and head West. I am dying to see more of the country.

  3. What a great way to spend your Fourth of July!

  4. I am going to be sad when these recaps are over. I'm enjoying all of the beautiful scenery!

  5. Love the photos as always. I think my kids would have liked those museums you checked out!

  6. What a fun couple of days!! I love that shirt you made Mason, awesome job!! That ziplining actually looked fun!

  7. Well the Wild West looks adorable and that zip lining epic!


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