{$10 to Target}

Happy Monday! I am only a week behind in sharing my $10 to Target challenge. Hey, that's what happens when it's back to school time. I live about a week behind for a while. :) I went to Target looking for fall stuff, but there was none to be found. Instead, I found the cutest "Farmer's Market" kitchen decor. I have a windowsill in my kitchen that I have been wanting to redecorate and I think these will make the cutest touches. I really wanted the "Fresh Pies" sign instead of the Farm Fresh sign, but they all had cracks in them. Such a bummer. But, I think everything I got goes well together. Here's a breakdown on costs...

Farmer's Market - Eat Local block - $3.00
Farm Fresh sign - $3.00
Berry Basket - $3.00
Total = $9.00 + tax of .79 = $9.79
Minus the Red Card Discount of .49 cents
Grand Total = $9.30

And this may be the first time I have come in under budget in a long time. Maybe even ever. 

What is your favorite Target find lately? Ours is slowly putting out fall pieces and my heart is getting so happy.


  1. I love your finds! I got one of the berry baskets too!

  2. I literally drove to five targets trying to find the fresh pies sign. No go. They are a hot commodity! I loved all of the stuff in this "line" of dollar spot items. We had some fall stuff out this week and I'm pumped about it!

  3. I bought the berry basket too! Thought it was so cute.

  4. so dang cute, they are going to look adorable in your kitchen window!

  5. Too cute!! I haven't seen the berry baskets at our Targets (or maybe they were there and disappeared - I feel Dollar Spot items go in a heartbeat!!)

  6. OMG those items are adorable!! I need to get to Target to look around at their fall stuff. The weather feels like fall here right now which is weird for this time of year. I'm sure we'll be back up to hot again soon. Love your finds.

  7. Love your picks. I am not surprised by them one little bit!

  8. Love these!! I can't wait for fall decorations :)

  9. I saw these goodies at Target and wanted them but I have no extra space for such items! BOOOO!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!