{Month in numbers & One Sentence a Day // July}

I've never really considered myself a numbers kind of person, but man do I love tracking our months in numbers! It's a fun way to look at all the things you did throughout the month. Here is a look at our July in numbers...we were on vacation for the first 7 days of the month.

Number of pictures posted on Instagram this month. 

Number of blogs posted this month.

Number of miles we drove on our first leg of the trip - home to Post, TX.

Number of miles we drove on the second leg of the trip - Post, TX to Ruidoso Downs, NM.

Number of miles we drove on the last day of vacation - Ruidoso Downs, NM to home. We didn't stop over in Post, TX with the rest of the crew. We were ready to get home!

Number of burger baskets bought at the famous Holly Burger in Post, TX.

Number of miles we drove on the 2nd leg of our trip - Post, TX to Ruidoso Downs, NM.

These numbers sum up our time at Ruidoso Downs Horse Races. $40 spent on betting on ponies, $52 was our food & drink tab, and $12 was the amount Mason racked up on everyone's winnings. I'm amazed we only spent $92 considering we were there for over 5 hours.

Total number of people that camped with  us in Ruidoso. 7 in our camper and 5 in another.

Cost to tour the Billy the Kid museums.

Number of Billy the Kid museums we toured.

Number of drives we took on forest trails up the mountains.

Number of times Mason got to pan for gold & gemstones. We had so much fun doing this and now he has quite the collection. We were surprised at the size of gems and fools gold we got while panning.

Number of times we went to Ski Apache. It's one of the highest points in Ruidoso.

Number of miles it is to the top of Ski Apache from Ruidoso. It's 12 miles straight up the mountains with not a lot of room in the lanes. Looking down was so scary!

How many feet up we were at Ski Apache. It was breathtakingly beautiful and a little frightening too {on the drive up}. 

Cost to take a gondola up to the top of Ski Apache. It was so much fun!! There were 7 of us in our gondola {Nate's dad opted to stay at the bottom!}. Mason was a little terrified! We loved the views.

Number of books I read while on vacation. 

Number of wild horses we saw on our way up to Ski Apache. It was so cool to see! We had saw signs that said 'watch for wild horses', but I don't think any of us expected to actually see them!

Number of New Mexico T-shirts we bought

Number of days we were gone on vacation. It was supposed to be 10, but Nathan and I decided to drive straight through instead of stopping in Post, TX again. We were ready to get home and pick up our pups! It was so nice to sleep in our own bed and wake up at home. Vacation is amazing and so needed, but there's nothing like coming home after a vacation.

Number of pictures I took during our trip! Whew. This doesn't include the ones I've already removed from my phone. I forgot to count before I did that.

Number of hours we spent at White Sands and it just wasn't enough! We had a blast and loved watching the sunset there.

Number of hours it took to clean out and organize our garage! 

Number of date nights we've had this month! What the what? That blows my mind. We almost always have Mason with us!

Number of blog posts I've had to update because of the Photobucket snafu.

Number of past teachers we saw at the back to school event! Mason got to visit with his Pre-K, Kinder and 1st grade teachers. It was awesome to see them all!

New backpack and lunchbox bought for the new school year!

1 - Horse races are actually more fun than I imagined.
2 - I completely forgot how much fun and how beautiful it is at White Sands, NM.
3 - Panning for gold was a major blast!!
4 - Lincoln is a really cool old town in New Mexico and the Billy the Kid museums are interesting!
5 - Don't look down...don't look down...don't look down! {11k ft up the mountain}
6 - The Flying J Ranch is a must do when in Ruidoso.
7 - God may you be glorified through this empty tomb and cross on the side of the road in Brownfield, TX.
8 - Oh sweet puppies how I missed you so.
9 - It is so good to be back in church and with our sweet church family!
10 - What is going on with this child??
11 - Diesel, that grooming appointment was so needed and I love your little mohawk.
12 - Photobucket...you are NO friend of mine!
13 - There's no way I could EVER do that. {watching naked & afraid}
14 - Loving every minute of just getting to hang out at home.
15 - Can this garage please clean itself??
16 - Dude, these mosquitoes are the size of birds and out of control.
17 - I am so glad that Nate called in today!!
18 - Why is bedtime so hard for Mason?
19 - Another date night...yes please!!
20 - I am just going to pretend this salad tastes as good as the pizza is that everyone else is eating.
21 - Lord, please place your healing hands on Mason and free him from this stomach ache.
22 - Little family adventures will always be my favorite.
23 - Of course the one time we put both dogs in one kennel one of them has tummy issues!!
24 - Lord, thank you for lunch dates with my sweet boys!!
25 - Well, dinner was a complete bust.
26 - I could get used to Nate being on Jury Duty and being able to come home for lunch for 2 hours.
27 - "Mama, this pool feels like a hot tub tonight!"
28 - Bishop Arts is happening tonight!!
29 - Every time we go to a school event I am reminded just how awesome our tiny little school district really is.
30 - Being around family is so good for the soul.
31 - Oh man, Monday...what a tough day you were.

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  1. Wow Crystal, you guys had an amazing month. You did so much and had a blast. I love all of the travels you guys do. You definitely make the most of your summer vacation. Mason will have such amazing memories of his childhood.

  2. These are so fun! What a great month you've had!

  3. Vacation memories, so much happiness. Girl, I still feel TERRIBLE for you over the PB thing. I can't even imagine.

  4. Love all of this :) You had a busy month. I hope your last day of month was just one sour day and you are having a good start to your August. I love that you saw wild horses and I just told my son about White Sands. We all want to go now but it might be a few more miles for us to get there ;) xoxo ERIN

  5. Haha I laughed at your sentence about mosquitos! That's how they usually are here, but for some reason this year we haven't had very much trouble with them at all. It's SO nice.

  6. I am just going to pretend this salad tastes as good as the pizza is that everyone else is eating. -- I say this so often. It's almost sad, really.

  7. Wow your July was FULL of awesomeness!! I can't wait to take our kids mining for gold and gems on our next trip!

  8. What an amazing month you had, Crystal!! And that Photobucket change is so annoying! Thankfully I managed to come out unharmed but it sucks you had to do so much damage control.

  9. 135 posts to update?! UGH! You've had such fun travels. I'm with you... on the end of a trip I just want to get home!


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