I can hardly believe that we are already almost through the month of August! That happened too quick for my liking. I feel like I will be recapping summer for a while. We packed so much into the summer and squeezed every last ounce out of it. Mason might have started school today, but we're not going to let that stop us from some weekend adventures!  Back today with another 2017 Summer Bucket List Update.

{S I X} Have an ice cream date at Farmluck Soda Fountain
We have had so many Farmluck dates, but none of them included ice cream. Well, at least for me. I made this summer bucket list before I decided to go on a {dumb} diet. Who starts a diet during summer? ha! But, I do have to admit that they have the best chicken caesar salad in our town! And nothing beats ice water with lemon out of a mason jar. Farmluck is one of the cutest places and all of the farmhouse decor makes my heart so happy.

{SEVEN} Go on a roadtrip
We have gone on a few roadtrips so far this summer. First was our annual memorial day trip to Mason, TX, then our New Mexico Vacation, and a couple of weeks ago we road-tripped to Glen Rose for a day at the river {which I haven't blogged about yet}.

{EIGHT} Annual camping trip to Mason, TX
This is one of our favorite camping weekends of the year! Mason, TX is a cute little town in the Texas Hill Country about 45 minutes from Fredericksburg. You can find my full post H E R E.

{NINE} Throw Mason a birthday party
Mason chose a shark/ocean theme for birthday party this year and it turned out so great. I blogged about it H E R E.

{TEN} Go Camping
We've camped twice this summer so far - once in Mason, TX and then in New Mexico. Both were awesome trips and we made so many memories.

{ELEVEN} Teach Lexi basic commands {sit, lay down, stay, etc}
Oh this sweet girl! She learns things so darn quick. She definitely knows all of the basic commands plus a few others. It only takes showing her a few times and she's got it. We are thinking about putting her into obedience training since she is so smart. We think it will be good for her. My favorite trick she does is giving kisses on command. She gives the sweetest little {closed mouth} kisses.

{TWELVE} Go to a Waterpark
Back at the beginning of summer Mason and I joined some sweet church friends for a day at Hurricane Harbor. It has been years {like 15+} since I have last been there. We had a complete blast! It was the perfect day! Mason loved the lazy river, which is also my favorite. He was timid of the waterslides for most of the day in fear that he would get stuck in the tubes. But, before the end of the day he put on his brave face and went down a waterslide. And then again. And was bummed that we were leaving because he was ready to ride more slides. But, we had an amazing time and made so many good memories.

🍍 Go on a summer vacation 
🍍 Attend and work Vacation Bible School
🍍 Go swimming
🍍 Visit the Farmer's Market downtown
🍍 Watch Fireworks on the Fourth of July
🍍 Play in the rain/puddles
🍍 Have an ice cream date at Farmluck Soda Fountain
🍍 Go on a roadtrip
🍍 Annual camping trip to Mason, TX
🍍 Family fishing night
🍍 Have a burger at Oma's Jiffy Burger
🍍 Throw Mason a birthday party
🍍 Go Geo-caching
🍍 Have a snowcone date at Ozzy's 
🍍 Go camping
🍍 Play at the splashpad
🍍 Teach Lexi basic commands {sit, lay down, stay, etc}
🍍 Visit a waterpark
🍍 Float the river
🍍 Get a Library card at a new library
🍍 Complete my summer photo checklist {2016 list here, new one to come} 
🍍 Read two books
🍍 Visit the Texas Truck Yard in Dallas
🍍 Celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary & 21 years total
🍍 Dedicate Mason at church

What's your favorite thing you have done this summer?


  1. Okay, Farm Luck looks like the cutest place ever! I would be there every day!

  2. You have accomplished a lot this summer. I am very impressed! Especially on the roadtrip. We are definitely not up for that one yet. Ha.

  3. Oh you have done so many fun things and made so many great memories this summer!! I'm so sad I only have two weeks left! It's killing me.

  4. Farm Luck looks so awesome! I wanna go! You guys seriously made the most of your summer. Love!!

  5. I need to take a look at our bucket list and make one last attempt to post few things off of it. You guys have done so well! You definitely created some amazing memories this past summer

  6. We've killed our list this Summer, which blows my mind because Summer isn't usually when I'm on my A-game!
    Is that a chicken Caesar salad? That's my go to when dining out!

  7. What an amazing summer you guys have had!! You sure packed in a lot. I can't get over how much Lexi grew in a few short months. Amazing photos as always my friend.


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!