{Five on Friday // Bible, Buddies, Pumpkin Patchin', Blogging, and a bunch of other randomness}

Happy, happy Friday!! We did it! We made it to Friday...and that's worth celebrating! I always forget how hard the changing of the season can be. Especially when Texas can't make up its mind when it comes to the weather. My sleep schedule is crazy off right now, I'm freezing in the morning and sweating in the afternoon, and the allergies have started! Whew! Here's a look at the randomness from our week!

 One // Bible Study

Still going strong with getting up early and reading my Bible. I've also been going back out on my porch in the evenings to read some more. This time has been so precious to my soul! I'm doing the She Reads Truth study on both Leviticus and Joshua right now. I usually do the Leviticus study in the morning and the Joshua study in the evening.


Two // Visitors

Lexi always joins me outside when I'm on the porch, but I also had another visitor this week! I was so blessed to get to have Mason join me a couple of times! I love spending time with my sweet boy...even if he's confused on what season it is (Christmas blanket)!!! ha

Three // A bet lost

Nathan made a couple of bets on the OU/Texas game with some guys at work. One of the bets was that if OU lost, Nathan would have to purchase and wear a Texas hat to work. He didn't work on Monday and almost forgot! So, Monday night he and Mason ran to Walmart to grab him a hat. He came home and showed me and I made the comment that it was a nice hat, even if it was a Texas hat! He cashed in on the bet and wore it to work that next day. The guys took pictures and of course, gave him a hard time about the game. That evening, one of the guys was showing his wife pictures and she says "nice hat, but Longhorns is spelled wrong!" YALL!!!!!!!! None of us even noticed...

It's completely missing the "g" on Longhorns! haha! Oops! And Walmart is selling these! This makes me laugh so hard!!! I love it! So, he wasn't really representing the Longhorns after all! He was representing those LONHORNS!! hahaha!

Four // Pumpkin Patchin' 

Mason and I decided to get up super early on Wednesday (like when Nate did at 4:30am). We hung out at home for a bit and then went to get coffee and go to the pumpkin patch! We wanted to go when it was cool outside and when it wasn't crowded! So, we went before work and school. I mean, we were in the parking lot waiting for the sun to come up so that we had some light! lol. It worked out perfectly, though! More pics to come...

Five // Blogging

I have completely and totally fallen in love with blogging again! It's such a great source of a creative outlet for me and brings my heart joy. I think because I got so behind (trying to adjust to homeschooling, a busy job, a crazy travel/go go go schedule, etc) it kind of seemed more like a chore than something I enjoyed! I finally got caught up and now I work ahead on blog posts! I've enjoyed reconnecting with blog friends and catching up on their blogs. It's also made me get out my big camera more so that I have pretty pictures for the blog! Taking & editing photos is also a passion and creative outlet for me. Plus, is there anything more delicious than all those autumn colors?

Other things I want to note from this week:

Nate was off on Monday. I love when he has random days off!! We got to hang out and got to cook together! I love those moments with him. He also got home an hour early on Tuesday, so we got to cook together again! It makes cooking not feel like such a chore when we get to do it together.

I'm enjoying my chickens, collecting eggs, and my chicken coop again! I got so discouraged when I lost more than half of my flock to hawks and coyotes! I also lost 5 sweet babies to a predator. Something dug under my coop fence and they got out. My heart was so crushed by this! Those babies were so sweet and would greet me every time I went to the coop! They'd play on my feet and loved for me to pick them up! I was devastated when they were gone. Especially since Nate and I spent so much time, blood, sweat, and maybe some tears making sure that coop was chick approved! It just made me not even want to go out there for a while! Not to mention the 2 snakes I had in my coop in less than a month or so. If you know me, you know I don't do snakes of any kind. I don't care if they're 2 inches long...a snake is a snake! And, I am terrified. Anyhow, I can't wait to decorate my coop for Christmas (see last year, here). That's right around the corner and I'm so excited!!

Pancho is shedding this week!  I feel like every time he goes through a growth spurt he sheds. I mean, it only makes sense (at least in my head - I haven't researched that). And the dude is getting huge!!! I feel like he grows substantially overnight each night!  He's still pretty chill, for the most part. When holding him, he wants to go and explore. We are hesitant about that because we don't know how Lexi or Willow would react! 


One of the best parts about getting up so early is getting to see the sunrise. I'm a sunset gal, for the most part...but I'm beginning to love sunrises just as much! It's such a beautiful reminder that each day is a new day and that God is there with us each step of the way! I mean, he loves us that much that he paints the most beautiful skies for us to enjoy! 

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