{Five on Friday // Truth, Instagram, Sunrises}

 Happy Friday, y'all! Did this week seem super long to anyone else? I felt like it was dragging. Anyhow, I am so glad that it's Friday and so ready for the weekend.  We have a couple of things planned and I am excited. But first, it's time for Five on Friday.


One //

I have stuck to my schedule of waking up an hour early each day to spend time outside with my Bible. These mornings have sparked so much joy in my heart and soul.  I love the quiet and slow mornings where I can ease into my day. But more importantly, I love that I am filling my heart with truth first thing in the morning.  No scrolling social media, watching the news, or anything else that seeks to steal, kill, or destroy! Only God's word to start my day! I feel like my days are so much better when they start out this way.  Plus, I love being out in nature while reading my Bible. I can hear the chickens in the distance, I get to see the sunrise, and I get to read God's word. Those are all such special gifts!  

Then I continue with filling my heart with truth by turning on worship music in my office while I work. 

Two //

There's just something about the fall season that ignites my creative side! I want to make all the things; recipes, decorations, sweatshirts, etc. So many ideas start rolling through my head and I can't sleep! It's almost overwhelming because it all sparks at once! ha. I have lists upon lists of things that I want to make for various things like Halloween, our camping trip, and even Christmas! This also rings true on a digital level - I want to take all the pictures, edit all the pictures (with a deep fall vibe of course), update things, make videos, etc. I am into earthy tones lately! I updated my IG highlights in these colors and it's making my heart so happy! 

Three //

Speaking of Instagram, raise your hand if you're still a lover of still photos!! Sorry, but I am not quitting photos. They are my favorite. There's already an app for videos...so give me back my Instagram!! Plus, I am really liking the way my feed looks lately. Have I mentioned that I really love fall? Like, really really! I'm sure I'm getting shadow-banned because I post so many stills, but I don't even care. Posting actual photos is what makes me happy. And my IG is like our family scrapbook, so I am more than okay with it. 


Four //

For some odd reason, Mason and I got up when Nate did (for work) a few times this week. That time is 4:30am. I have no clue what is going on that is making that happen. Mason and I are typically not early risers. However, I do love the extra time I get with Mason in the mornings and the slowness of easing into the day. Even more so than just an hour before my normal wake-up time! I know, I'm crazy! Anyhow, on one of those mornings, Mason and I made a trip to Starbucks. On the way back, we saw a beautiful sunrise. 

Five //

In case you missed it, on the blog this week...

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Happy Friday and Happy weekend!!! Go chase some adventure!

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