{Spooky Shirley Temple // Halloween 2022}

Shirley Temples...but make them spooky! 

One of Mason's favorite drinks is a good ol' Shirley Temple! I saw these syringes at the Dollar Tree so many times and kept telling myself to grab them. I never did. Then a lightbulb went off weeks later and I needed to have these ASAP! I tried three different Dollar (.25) trees and they were all out of them. I thought my idea was done for as I didn't expect any of them to restock Halloween items so close to Halloween! Well, yesterday I went to Dollar Tree to get some other things for Halloween and they had them! I grabbed two packs. Did I need two packs? No! But I grabbed them anyway! 

Things needed:


Maraschino Cherries (or grenadine)


Cup (the spookier, the better)


And that's it! So easy!  And so very festive. I plan on bringing these to our Halloween camping trip for the kids to make. Mason helped me with this one and loved it. He thought his cousins would like it, too! 


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