There are very few things that get me as excited as the fall season! It's been a while since I have shared our Hall Family Fall traditions!  And, they've changed a bit since I last shared them. That's the beauty of traditions - some go away, some stick for a lifetime and then you make some new ones along the way! Traditions truly are my jam. I love the nostalgia of revisiting something each year but also making new memories with that tradition. There's so much beauty in it! 

2020 kind of derailed a lot of these traditions since most places were closed. It broke my heart to not to carry on those traditions during 2020 and even 2021. I am so glad that the world is getting back to normal a little bit every day! 

Camping //

Camping in the fall has to be my favorite time to camp! There's something so perfect about being able to enjoy nature while not sweating profusely! We live in Texas and suffer temps around 100-110+ every summer. So fall camping is definitely welcomed. And I love the change in color and watching the leaves fall. It's just so cozy! We usually go camping a few times throughout the fall season and it is something I always look forward to.

Halloween camping weekend //

This is one of my absolute favorite fall traditions!! We go camping at Mitchell Resort (now Great Escapes) for a weekend of Halloween festivities. I think I love it because we pack in so many fall traditions in one short weekend! From pumpkin decorating contests, a costume parade, trick or treating, campsite decorating contest, and a dance party, it's such a fun time!! It's the perfect Halloween/fall weekend. 

Pumpkin Patch //

We started visiting the pumpkin patch when Mason was just an infant. We have visited many different pumpkin patches over the years, but there are a few that we love the most. Those are Yesterland, Mainstay Farm, Shadow Creek, and this sweet little patch put on by a church.  The last one is so special to me because it's one that Mason and I go to together. That one-on-one time with him is just so precious. We grab a coffee and then walk around finding all of the pumpkins that someone else might not pick out! We share a love for the odd pumpkins! 

College Football Saturdays //

Man oh man, how I love Saturdays spent watching college football. Usually, it's just Nate and I at home watching together. However, sometimes it's during a camping trip, which I love too! We usually make something like nachos, a pot of chili, or some kind of soup (when the weather cools off) and I craft throughout the games & day. You can keep your NFL and I will take all the college football!

Texas State Fair // 

If you've never been to the Texas State Fair, you're truly missing out. It's quite the event. The Texas State Fair is known for its fried foods and man do they go all out. I mean, take a look at this year's list. Our tradition has been to go early on Sunday morning (when they open) and leave around 2-3 in the afternoon. We've learned over the years that is the least crowded time! We go straight for the Midway and let Mason ride to his heart's content. The rides are usually the first thing to get crowded, so we go straight there when they open. Then we walk around and eat all the food, check out the vehicles, and look at the exhibits.  

Annual Hocus Pocus night //

Another of my favorites!! We pick out a Friday or Saturday night, I make all the themed treats and drinks, we put on our Halloween pajamas, and settle in for a night of Hocus Pocus! It's our favorite Halloween movie and I love that Mason loves this night as much as I do. 

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