We had such a beautiful weekend and I am sad to see it go. Weekends in the fall just hit a little different!! It was full of family, friends, fall things, football, & Jesus. Here's a look at our weekend.

Friday //

I started my day by reading my Bible and wrapping up my study on Leviticus. Not going to lie, this was a tough book to read. But, I did it and I learned a lot from it. Nate worked an overtime day on Friday but was home around 2ish! Mason and I got donuts that morning for breakfast. Around lunch time, Mason and I made these fun and spooky Shirley Temple drinks! That evening we went to dinner with the Garzas and had an amazing time with them (as always). I love doing life with them and feel so thankful to call them friends/family. 

Saturday //

That morning Nate had to help his dad with some things. While he was gone, I read my Bible on the porch and then enjoyed some coffee and caught up on a couple of YouTube videos. When Nate got back we all got ready and then headed out for a birthday party (Nate's friend from work's son). It was at an indoor waterpark and Mason had a blast! After the party, most of us went to the pumpkin patch in Midlothian! We had such a great time with these people. I left there feeling so thankful that God has brought all of these people into our lives. Not only are the guys all good friends at work, but the wives are all good friends and all of our kids get along great as well. What a blessing! After the pumpkin patch we all went back to Branded Burger in Midlothian (where our friend's daughter works!). It was a fun night of just hanging out and talking!

Sunday //

We started our morning at church with some amazing friends! We were so excited to have them join us. We got coffee at our church's coffee shop before we went into the sanctuary. Mason got a caramel frapp and said it was better than Starbucks! The worship was amazing and the sermon was great! I just love our church so much! Since we went to the early service (9:15 am) we were able to go out for breakfast afterwards. I love breakfast foods much more than lunch food! ha, We went to Cancun and sat at a booth by the window. It was so relaxing and cozy to get to watch the rain while we chatted and ate breakfast. After breakfast, we ran to the pet store to get food for Pancho, ran by Aldi to get some more things for Pancho, and then ran by the store. When we got home I gave all the animals a treat and then cozied up on the couch for some football! 

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