{Halloween Charcuterie Board}

 For the Hocus Pocus night, I made a Halloween themed charcuterie board. I think it came out so great. Nate and I just went through the seasonal sections and picked out everything we thought people would like! I found these little witch hats at the dollar tree. I just broke off the picks and put them throughout the board. 

For our Halloween Charcuterie board, we included brownies, a festive popcorn mix, brittle, marshmallows, candy corn, sixlets, Peeps, rice krispie treats, popcorn balls, Hershey bars, Reeses, etc. The options are endless when it comes to charcuterie boards and it makes the best snacking tray! It was a big hit at the Hocus Pocus watching party/birthday. The perfect mix of sweets to go with the salty popcorn!! 

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