{Autumn Bucketlist 2022 / carve pumpkins, college football, pumpkin coffee, decorate the porch, pumpkin for chickens}

The weather has been so glorious lately (in the mornings and evenings) and I am soaking up every minute of it. We are chipping away at our autumn bucket list and have already done so many fun fall things! Here's a look at the things we've done so far!

🍂 Carve pumpkins

🍂 Make some fall/Halloween crafts

🍂 Watch a college football game outside

🍂 Decorate the porch for fall

🍂 Give the chickens a pumpkin

Carve pumpkins & Give the chickens a pumpkin //

Mason and I bought a little pie pumpkin for the chickens. Pumpkins are great for chickens; they are full of vitamins, antioxidants, & iron and the seeds are full of dietary fiber, zinc, protein, and healthy fats. Of course, pumpkins should be given in moderation. I bought a pie pumpkin since my chicken flock has dwindled.  Mason and I carved it so that the chickens would have more opportunities to get to the guts of the pumpkin. 

Halloween & Fall crafts //

A few weeks back I made some fall/Halloween crafts while watching college football! It's one of my favorite past times. These were just some simple crafts, but they were fun to make nonetheless. I made a pumpkin serving tray, some pumpkins with twine and a cinnamon stick, a foam pumpkin with fall flowers, and I refabbed some dollar store pumpkins to make them look more like my style and less like Halloween. I know this is just the beginning of my fall/Halloween crafts. 

Watch football outside //

Camping and watching football outside during the fall will forever be one of my favorite things! We went camping at Stillwater RV Resort and were able to use our Firestick to get some college football games on! 

Decorate the porch for fall //

Mason and I decorated the porch for fall and it came out great! I loved that he wanted to help me this year. I am sure this space will change a few times this season, but here is what we have started with.

 I love the cozy vibes the fall season brings. 

Pumpkin drinks //

Dunkin' brought back the pumpkin drink first, so that was the first one of the season! Starbucks followed suit shortly! Give me all the pumpkin-flavored coffees! 

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