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When I first stumbled upon this pin I knew I had to make it! Mason loves playing tic tac toe. And, I knew it would be a perfect little something to take camping with us. There's always a bit of downtime when camping and sometimes we like to play games. This DIY Tic Tac Toe game takes up no space at all and the game board holds the actual pieces! Here is how I turned this DIY Tic Tac Toe game Pinterest to a Project...

This project literally cost me nothing at all. I already had the burlap bag and the paint and we gathered the little rocks from the lake.

a little sack of some sort
rocks (small, smooth and flat)
paint brush

Paint the game board on the sack
Paint your pieces on the rocks

That's it! Easy and adorable and functional.

Since I've made this one I have seen other's popping up in my Pinterest feed. But those are way out of my league and for the more talented crowd. But, I have seen game pieces of  Cookie Monster and cookies, ladybugs and bees, suns and palm trees, etc. So cute!

Have you ever made anything like this?

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