{Hello Monday // Weekend Wrap-up}

Hello Monday! I'm not even mad atcha. It's summertime and summer Mondays are better than any other Mondays. Right? I just wish Nate got a summer break like Mason does! Then it would be pretty golden! At least we have the weekends. Speaking of weekends, here is a look at our weekend wrap-up...

It was pretty freakin' amazing! It was one of those good ones where we spent a lot of time at home just soaking up quality family time. We had a good mix of getting out and about, but for the most part, we were at home.

Friday was Mason's first day of summer and he celebrated while sleeping until 11:08 am. And that's only because I woke him up. I went to check on him and found him laying flat on his back with his mouth wide open. I knew I had to grab my phone because that would have been the most epic summer photo ever. But, my flash woke him up and he moved. Still got a cute picture!

I worked all day while Nate worked in the shop on the CJ. Later that evening we had the AC guy come out to service our air and to check on things. Then we visited with our neighbors outside for a while. Our entertainment was the Spectrum guy that was installing at our friend's house...his ladder wasn't tall enough so he drove his minivan back there and set up his ladder on top of the minivan. We were so nervous he was going to fall!! But, all was well. We decided to go to dinner with our neighbors at our favorite place. We were in a good habit of going there with them once a month, but then life got crazy. Hopefully, we can start it up again. I didn't take any pictures because we were just enjoying each other's company (and that amazing Mexican food).

Saturday morning we got to sleep in a little bit! I scheduled our grocery pick-up at 11:00 just for that reason. Oh, and for the fact that it was supposed to be storming that morning. It ended up being a beautiful day! We ran into HEB to pick out some steaks (we like to pick our own meat) and then grabbed our grocery pick-up. Some sweet friends invited us to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings and then we drove the Jeeps out to the lake. On the way back home we turned over 50,000 miles on the Jeep. Y'all we bought this brand new in 2017. On one hand, I want to cry over all of the miles, but then I think about all the trips we took and the memories we made and my heart knows it was worth it.

After the lake we hit up Sonic's happy hour for some drinks and then went back home. I worked on a Pinterest to Project  (more no that later) and then we had a visit from the cutest little tourist!

Our sweet little nephew! Isn't he just the most precious little thing? His outfit made me think of a tourist for some reason. He hung out with us a bit and then went back to my in-laws house. Then Nate and I had the bright idea of giving the dogs a bath! I was soaked by the end of it.

Later that evening we grilled some steaks and cut open the first Watermelon of the season (more on this later, too!). We had such a great time cooking together! And it was the perfect weather to do so.

As we were sitting down to eat our steak dinner some storms started rolling in! It got dark and windy fast. We hung out and watched naked and afraid for the rest of the evening.

Sunday was church and once again Nate put a sweet baby to sleep! We love getting to visit with our friends sweet babies at church.

After church we came home and made lunch and then Mason and I ran to town. He wanted some froyo and I needed some items for another Pinterest to Project. It just so happens that the froyo shop and dollar store are in the same shopping center, so it was perfect. We grabbed our supplies and hit up Sonic's happy hour once again. We were home for the rest of the evening. I worked on my project, we made taco salad for supper and then had an epic game of water guns outside! We even took them to Nana and Papa's house.

Ignore my non-matching self! I changed clothes after church and forgot to change my earrings. AND Nate let me go to town like that! ugh! ha.

How was your weekend? I hope it was a sweet one.

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