{Supper at the lake with friends}

At 3:46pm on Monday afternoon I got a text from my sweet friend Keri saying something to the tune of  "we are going to have supper at the lake this evening if y'all want to join us". Umm, yes, please! I texted Nate to check with him even though I knew what his answer would be. He wrote back  (very quickly) "I'm down"! We love having friends close by that has all the same interests as we do! We all get along so great and our kids even declared themselves best friends by the end of the night! Oh, how I love it. Sunset suppers at the lake with dear friends is what summer is all about!

As luck would have it, Nate got into some traffic on the way home and was later than normal. We were so anxious to get to the lake and meet our friends! We all opted for a Little Ceasar's Pizza for the sake of quick and easy! We knew our kids wanted to swim and we wanted them to have as much time as possible before dark.

We got to the lake around 6:45 and found our friends. We unloaded and Mason was in the water with his friends in no time.

While the kiddos splashed and played in the water we listened to music and talked and just hung out. The guys did a little fishing but didn't catch anything this time. I guess that's why it's called fishing and not catching! ha.

Then the sun started going down and created the most beautiful sky! You know Keri and I had to take some pictures. It's just what we do. Our husbands aren't even phased by it anymore.

Keri had her tripod and was able to get a group shot of us! Well, most of us. Sweet Kyleigh wasn't in the mood for picture taking and sat this one out. And then Keri was so sweet to take a couple of shots of me and my boys!

It was a wonderful night and I can't wait to do it again soon!

Short and sweet video from the evening!

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