{Last day of Third Grade}

Yesterday was Mason's last day of third grade. Cue the tears. And it was extra bittersweet because it was also his last day at this campus. We are sure going to miss everyone that we have grown to love so much at this school. This district is so different than when I was in school! I had 3 schools; elementary, middle and high school. Mason will go through 5 campuses before he graduates high school. So wild! Anyhow, Mason will be moving to the Intermediate for fourth grade. So, to say that the last day was sad is an understatement. Mason said so many of his classmates were crying. That just pulls at my heartstrings. Shows how much they loved their school, their teacher and their classmates. So sweet! Anyhow, here's a look at Mason's last day of third grade. 

Mason only had a half day of school today and he said, "Mom, I tried to make it go by slower because I know how fast the last day went in first and second grade. But, it still went by quick." Oh, my sweet boy! They spent the day going around the school getting autographs in their yearbook, or their student book they made in class. They also watched a slideshow that one of the teachers so graciously puts together each year. 

I decided to just pick up Mason in the school line versus going in. I was too emotional to deal with seeing everyone at his school, especially his sweet teacher. She's retiring after this year and we are so happy for her but sad for the kids who will never have such a great teacher as her. 

I wanted to make Mason's last day a bit special so I went to the store and picked up a few of his favorite things and some balloons. I filled the Jeep with balloons and some little treats! And I made a sign to hang on our front door so that he would see it when we got home. 

Mason loved it and couldn't stop smiling! We had some fun with silly string and then took our traditional shirt picture. If you're new around here I bought a men's large white t-shirt when Mason was in Kindergarten and will photograph him every year in that shirt until graduation. I can't wait to see how he grows into the shirt. There's already such a big difference since Kindergarten! 


And for comparison sake, here are pictures of the first day vs the last day pictures. It really puts it into perspective how much he has grown in just one short school year! 

After we finished taking pictures Mason told me he had a little gift for me. His teacher was letting them pick out something they wanted and he picked out something for me. He said, "I was about to get these Minion goggles, but then I thought about you and how much you do for me and I wanted to get something for you. I knew you'd love this for your desk, Mama." Be still my heart. What did I do to deserve such a sweet boy?

Are your kids out for summer?

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