{Wheeling at Hidden Falls in Marble Falls, TX}

This past Saturday we road-tripped with some friends to Hidden Falls Adventure Park in Marble Falls, TX. It's about three hours south of us, but it's a fairly easy drive. We had a complete blast and we're already ready to go back. This is my 2nd favorite off-road park so far (first is Hot Springs Off-road Park in Arkansas).  It was beautiful and offered so many great views and photo ops! The trails were also very clean and pretty well marked. Oh, and the map was one of the easiest to read, which is a plus. So often the trail maps are hard to follow and you just end up winging it. But, not the case here. If you're an off-road enthusiast and ever in this area, I highly recommend it.

Thankfully Michael was able to come over on Friday evening and help Nate get a few things taken care of on the CJ so that we could bring it on this trip. At the beginning of the week, our chances of taking it on this wheeling trip were pretty slim. But, we rallied and got everything ready. And by "we" I totally mean Nathan and Michael. I only helped press the brake pedal a few hundred times when Nate changed the caliper! Anyhow, Mason and I got home from the movies just in time to get in a few rides in the CJ and to watch them load it up! The CJ is geared pretty low, so Mason drove it around the property along with some friends!

Saturday morning I was wide awake at 5:45 and ready to go! We didn't have to be up until 7:00ish, but I couldn't sleep. I love me a good road-trip and off-roading. And because Nate was bringing the CJ that meant that I got to wheel mine almost the entire day! I was excited to do that and to go on some bigger trails than I've experienced yet. We got up and got ready some time around the 7:00 hour and were on the road by 8:30 am. We had planned on meeting our friends at a gas station about 15 minutes down the road but had to quickly make other arrangements. The exit was completely blocked off due to a bad wreck on the access road. So, we met a little further down the road. We gassed up and grabbed some good ol' gas station breakfast and were back on the road.

We arrived at the park shortly after 12:30 and got signed in! An employee took us to a large map and told us where to go, what to do and what to stay away from. This is already better than other parks we've been to. No one has taken the time to show us around the map and educate us like that! So rad. We all got unloaded and waited for another friend to join us. On the way there my friend Jessica shared in our CrawlHer group that we were heading to Hidden Falls and our other friend Jessica asked to meet us out there! I knew she lived close by, but I totally thought she was out of town this weekend. It ended up being great because she had been to this particular park several times and was able to show us the ropes!

Then it was time to start our wheeling adventure! Trails are rated from 1 to 5 with 5 being the toughest trail. 1's and 2's are fairly easy and most stock Jeeps can make it through them. We went on 2s, 3s and a lot of 4s that day. I was so proud of myself for wheeling my Jeep all by myself while Nate was in the CJ. I am thankful for great spotters!!

We wheeled from about 1:00 pm until after 7:00 pm and enjoyed every single second of it. We loaded up, aired my tires back up and were back on the road by 8:00 pm. After a quick stop at Bucees we were home by 11:45ish.

Some of these pictures are from my good friend, Keri. Be sure to check out her post here.

And for the video:

Until the next adventure...

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