{Bridgeport // BFG & Discount Tire Vendor Event & Wheeling}

The weekend before last we attended a really fun Jeep event at Northwest OHV Park in Bridgeport, TX. The event was hosted by BFGoodrich Tires and Discount Tire. They had vendors set-up as well as some amazing raffles! We put out some feelers and quickly realized we had a pretty good group of people interested in going with us.

We met five other Jeeps from our area at a nearby gas station and convoyed all the way to Bridgeport together! While on the highway we gained about 4-6 more Jeeps in our convoy and it was the neatest thing!!

We had to wait a bit to enter the park as every single person had to sign a waiver, and then pay. It didn't take as long as we thought, though! We found a spot for all of us to park and plan out what we wanted to do and in what order. We also waited on one other Jeeper in our group that was coming from the opposite direction. 

We decided to hit a fairly easy trail first as we had a lot of first time wheelers with us. One of the guys in our group was familiar enough with the park to pick out a fun but not so tough trail for us. I drove this one while Nate spotted our group. It was so much fun!!! We didn't get a lot of pictures, but you can watch the video later down in this post.

After this trail we made our way to the "quarry" to park and get ready for the vendor event. Thankfully. they had a shuttle going (volunteer Jeepers) to take people to the top where the event was going on at. It was HOT and it was a really long uphill walk to the area. We shopped at all the vendors and talked to some new and old friends. The vendor area wasn't that big, but it had some really great booths. We bought Mason a hat from Air Down offroad and I am in love with it. Don't be surprised if you see me wearing this one soon! And I scored a new sunshade for only $15 bucks! I got a turquoise as to add at little bit of "me" to my Jeep! I love the colors turquoise and red together and I think it looks great! Nate's not the biggest fan, but he still drives it and still loves me. haha! 

Some of us went back down to the Jeeps to eat a quick sandwich before the raffle began. Some of our friends departed at this point as their kids were ready to go. After grabbing a bite to eat and letting our kiddos rest a bit we headed back up to the event area. The drawing was out in the wide open sun with no breeze at all. At one point a girl behind us collapsed from heat exhaustion and dehydration. Keri and I opted to stay with our kiddos in the shade! We made sure to keep them plenty hydrated! They poured cold water down them to keep them cool! Believe me when I said it was HOT! 

We knew the winners of both of the big ticket items which were a set of BFG KM3 tires! That's what we run on our Rubicon and we love them. Nate won a $50 gift certificate to a lighting company and Michael won a skid plate for their XJ! 

After the drawing, it was time to hit some more trails. It was only us and our friends, the Chiles left. We wanted to play some more, so we stuck around. There was so much mud and overhanging trees on the trails which made them not my favorite! I'm not ready for scratches all up and down my Jeep! Ughh! We did have a good time, though! And I got to drive some more on some tougher trails. I'm getting more and more comfortable with this offroading stuff! And now I am itching to do more. It's a good thing we're hitting up more trails this weekend!! 

And of course...the vlog from our day!

Go check out my friend Keri's blog from this event. 

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