{Another evening at the lake}

Am I getting a bit repetitive here? We just can't help it. We enjoy our evenings spent at the lake something fierce. A couple of weeks ago we loaded up the Jeep, grabbed a pizza & some drinks and headed for the lake. The water was a bit warmer for Mason (not that he cares) and it was just a really nice evening. We love this lake because it's fairly small and its a quiet & relaxing area.

We ate, Mason swam and Nate fished. Mason also searched for little treasures along the bank of the lake while my heart (and maybe my camera) captured every moment for memory's sake. These days with my two favorite guys are not something I take for granted. I hope that when Mason is grown he spends quality time with his family like we do. 

Just before the sun started to set we loaded up and drove over the dam to "our spot" to watch the sunset over the lake. It was a gorgeous sunset and left us in awe! Nate caught a fish as soon as he cast into the water. That was exciting! 

Now tell me, how do you spend quality time with your family? What is something you enjoy doing together?

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