{Hello Monday // Weekend Wrap-up // Horse Races, Jeep Event, topless}

Hello Monday! It's been a busy one so far. I'm just now getting to work on my weekend post! We had another great weekend and I am sad to see it go. Mainly because Nate is back to work. We sure do miss him! Anyhow, here's a look at what we did this weekend.

I'm going to start with Thursday...mostly because I have pictures I want to share from that evening! We went to our local Jeep club meet at a BBQ place in town. While we were standing outside looking at Jeeps we saw the most glorious sunset! I had to grab some photos!!


I mean!!! How incredible does that sky look? Only God! He paints the most incredible masterpieces and I can't get enough!

On Friday this little cutie got his hair cut and I had to take some photos!! He had been waiting for a long time for his first summer hair cut so that he could get a design. They're not allowed during the school year, so summer it is. He got a lightening bolt this time! He and a sweet little friend in our neighborhood are going to dye their hair blue soon. He's pretty excited and ready for that. Oh sweet summer time!!

Around 2pm Nathan got a call from a good family friend asking if we wanted to join them at the horse races that evening for a private event. Date night? Yes please! The private event included a club area with AC, TVs and an all night long buffet! Nathan and I got a little bit dressed up and ready to have a good time. And that we did!

After the races we headed straight to get our best boy and home to get some rest. We had a Jeep event all day Saturday and had to wake up fairly early.

Saturday morning we woke  up and got ready and got all of our stuff ready for a day at the off-road park. We let the dogs out and our yellow lab came back as a black lab. She found some mud hole to romp around in!

We met about 5 other Jeeps at a gas station and then convoyed to the event. But, there will be a full post on this later.

We had a blast at the event! Afterwards we went to eat at McDonalds (it was the closest thing that had ac) with some friends. And then they came back to our house to install a skid plate that he had won at the event! And then we talked for a while. Love having good friends that live close by!

Sunday morning I woke up feeling like I got hit by a mack truck! Exhaustion and a migraine had settled in and I was feeling tired and crummy. I thought I had slept well the night before, but I guess not. I went to the couch so that I didn't keep my boys awake. They slept in until well after 11. Then Nate and I got up and washed the Bridgeport (off road park) aftermath off the Jeep while Mason went swimming at his Nana and Papa's house!

Then I went to check on Mason and visit with the family while Nate and a friend took the top off the Jeep! Feels so good to be topless again!! I got to hang out with our sweet nephew for a while and loved every second of it.

Nate, Mason and I tried to go to town to get some lunch, but it started raining on our way. We had to turn around and get Nate's Jeep!!

The rest of the evening we just hung out at home and got ready for a new week! And, that is a wrap on our weekend. How was yours? What did you do?

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