{🍉 Summer is served 🍉}

There is just something about the first watermelon of the season! 🍉 Am I right? It's like the ultimate start to summer for us! Because with the first watermelon there is usually a day spent outside and a grilled meal for supper. That just screams summer to me. Well, the first Saturday of our "official" summer was that day for us. And, you know it had to be documented.

Nathan and I grilled steaks, made some potatoes with rosemary garlic butter and a fresh salad. Dessert was this beautiful watermelon! It did not disappoint! We have been eating it every day after supper since we cut it. It won't be long before we'll need to buy another one.

Have you had your first watermelon of the season? What is the one thing that makes it feel officially like summer for you?

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