{GP Officer Memorial Run with the Jeep Club}

On Saturday we had the honor of riding in the memorial Jeep run for a fallen officer in our home town of Grand Prairie, TX. One of our friends that runs a Jeep club coordinated the event and did such an amazing job doing so. We all met at the Walmart in Grand Prairie where everyone gathered to pray, set-up their flags and make donations. There was a donation box as well as a Paypal you could give to. There was a large number of Jeeps, a car club and several different tow-truck companies there to show their support. It was so amazing and pulled at my heartstrings. All of those thin blue line flags did me in!

We were there for about 45ish minutes before our convoy pulled out. I went around and got some video footage of all of the different vehicles there. It was amazing to see so many Jeepers and other clubs come out to support such an amazing cause. We invited our sweet neighbor friends to join us. They got a Jeep about a month or so ago and are getting into the Jeeping world. My friend Jen has a 9 year old daughter that gets along great with Mason.

The moment we started pulling out for the convoy the tears started flowing and I couldn't stop them. My heart could barely take the thought of all of these people that came together to support Officer AJ Castaneda and his family. It was overwhelming and amazing all at the same time. We convoyed through Grand Prairie and landed at the GP Police department. It was wonderful to see so many people either stop on the side of the road to let us pass, or take their hat off, or give us a thumbs up, etc.

We all gathered around the memorial set-up out front where we presented the donation and prayed over our law enforcement. Again, it was overwhelming and heartwarming.

There was a local news station out there to capture the entire event. They didn't show much of it on the news, but he did take a lot of footage of the event. He even filmed Mason for quite some time. Here is the article.

From this event, we learned of another memorial run for an officer in Fort Worth. So, many of us convoyed over to that meeting location. We took the backroads all the way from Grand Prairie to Fort Worth and never stopped at a red light. At each intersection, a few Jeeps would block off the other lanes so that we could just keep going. It was wild and cool!

This has far been my favorite thing we have been a part of in the Jeep world! It was so touching!!

The video footage I got from the events.

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