{Weekend Wrap-up // Movies, Police Memorial Run, Father's Day}

Happy Monday! Another weekend gone too soon. :) We did have a good one, though! Mason spent the night with his cousins last night so it's just me here this morning. Feels weird! But anyhow, here's a look at our weekend...

Nathan worked overtime on Friday. And, a lot of it. He texted me around 3:45 and said that they were planning on working past 8 pm because the job they were working on had to be finished over the weekend. He suggested that I take Mason to see a movie and so we did just that! There were several movies we wanted to see, but we chose The Secret Life of Pets part 2. I hopped online and bought our tickers. Seats P14 & 15 on the very last row, always. We got ready and were out the door! We went by the store to buy candy to smuggle into the movies. Because who wants to pay $4-$6 bucks for a box of candy you can get for $1 at the store?! We always buy our popcorn and drinks at the theatre, though! Nothing beats that theatre buttered popcorn!

Y'all, the movie was so sweet and good. We loved it! It will really warm a mama's heart.

After the movies Nate was still working so Mason and I filled up our time by grocery shopping! Ha! Isn't that what everyone does on a Friday night? It wasn't bad and we actually enjoyed it. We went to our local HEB and if you have never been to one, it's a must! It's a neat grocery store. Then we met Nate at home. We were so glad to see him after such a long day. It was a fairly early bedtime for us since we had to be up at the crack of dawn on Saturday!

We woke up around 7:00 am on Saturday to get ready for our day. We decided to do a Police Memorial Run for a fallen officer from our home town of Grand Prairie, Texas. One of the Jeep clubs we are a part of put it on and did such a great job of doing so. I'm not going to go into much detail here because this deserves it's own post, but y'all it was AMAZING and heartwarming to see our Jeeping community come together like they did!!

We actually ended up going straight from this run to another fallen officer memorial run in Fort Worth. We didn't know about this one prior, but were glad we could participate.

After the run we went to our favorite restaurant in Grand Prairie called Don Juans. Funny enough, we ran into my dad, my aunt, sister and brother in law and two nephews there. So, we were able to have lunch all together. Then we went back to my Granny's house where the family was there painting it. We are getting it ready to sell. So, so tough! I can't believe that in a few short months (maybe) this will no longer be my Granny & Papa's house. I'll just have to store up all those memories in my heart for when I need them most. After visiting at my Granny's for a bit we went to Summit to get some parts for our CJ. My sister's family ended up joining us. My two nephews wanted to ride in the Jeep with us so I got to listen to 4 boys (including Nate) scream-singing "Old Town Road" all the way there. Lucky me. ha. We got the parts we needed and then Mason decided to go with my sister's family to Walmart and back to their house for a bit. Nate and I had a bit of an unexpected date night! We went to Target in a different town so that I could scope out their dollar section and then to another auto parts store and Sonic. Then we came back home and Nate put the new parts on the CJ. We had to take it for a test drive, of course! Oh, and I got some new sunnies in the mail that I had to try out.

Later that evening my sister brought Mason home and my nephew decided to stay with us. They played all night and Nathan and I went to bed! Sunday was church and Father's Day. We saw the sweetest video about dads before our service and at the end of our service our Father shared some more great things about fathers. So sweet!

After church we took the boys to get some lunch and then we went to Nate's parents for a Father's Day celebration. His dad cooked steaks, baked potatoes, salad and asparagus. We figured the boys wouldn't eat much of that, so we got them Chicken E. Lunch was nice and it was a good visit. We didn't get any pictures because shortly after we ate a huge storm rolled through! I hate storms.

Mason ended up going home with my sister to spend the night with his cousins so Nate and I got another date night! We hung out, went back to HEB for a few things we forgot on Friday and grabbed some supper. Then back home to hang out some more! It was nice getting to spend some one on one time with my favorite guy!

And that's a wrap to our weekend. How was yours?

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