{Mason, TX // Annual Memorial Day weekend trip}

Memorial Day weekend was our annual trip to the good ole Texas hill country for camping at Mason TX. Or, "The Garrison Family Reunion" as the signs said when we pulled up. I love it! One of my favorite weekends with some of my favorite people.

Nathan, Mason and I left out around 4:05 on Thursday afternoon. We gassed up and grabbed some drinks and snacks and were on our way. Nathan wanted to stop at Cooper's in Llano on the way for some sliced brisket. There's just nothing like Cooper's BBQ!

Llano is about a 35-minute drive from where we camp. I told Nate on the way I wanted to catch the "Welcome to Mason" sign. So he slowed down enough for me to grab the photo. The sun was setting so beautifully in that direction!

We arrived at camp around 8:25 pm and Nate's parents were shortly there after us. We visited with the group that was still up and outside before heading into the camper to shower and sleep.

Friday morning Nate put up Mason's swing and he wasted no time jumping on it! While Mason played we started planning our day. We decided to head into Fredericksburg to shop because it's always less crowded on a weekday. We went ahead and gave Mason one of his birthday presents from us because we knew he'd want it for that day!

Back story on this...a couple months ago one our cousins was getting ready to go on a cruise and had the bank give him $100 dollar bills wrapped in a band. Mason thought this was the coolest thing ever. A few weeks later Nate asked Mason what he wanted for his birthday and he said: "100 dollars would be cool!" So we knew we had to get them in all ones! Mason was so excited and surprised!

We left shortly after for Fredericksburg. It's about a 45-minute drive from where we camp. It was such a beautiful drive. The wildflowers were so abundant and just gorgeous!! We shopped for a couple of hours and then made our way home. But not before Mason got his favorite lavender ice cream!

We headed back to camp to chill and see who all had arrived since we were gone. That evening we grilled burgers and fellowshipped.

Saturday morning was Mason's actual birthday! He opened a few gifts from his Nana and Papa and others were so kind as to give him money! He really racked up over the weekend.

We decided to go back to Fredericksburg with a different group! Some of our good family friends were able to come again this year and their daughters & their husbands and babies came too! So we all caravanned back over to F-burg. We shopped and then ate at the Sozial House. We went there for the first time last year and knew we had to go back! It was so good. Although, this year the service was horrible and food wasn't great either. Womp. Womp. We still had a good time just enjoying each other's company.

Then we came back and hung out at the campsites until it was time for supper. We had ribs and just about any side dish you could think of!

After supper, we sang to Mason and had cookie cake to celebrate! Then we all loaded up and headed down to the river. It was a first for some of the group! The bat cave was closed this time, but we hope to be able to go at Labor Day! The sun was setting as we made the trek to the river, so it made for beautiful views.

Sunday morning was a slow moving morning. We slept in and then visited at the campsites for quite a while. We decided to drive to Brady, TX (the center of Texas) for lunch. And Mason wanted to go look at the toys at Walmart. That birthday money was burning a hole in his pocket! After Brady, we decided to go find an off-road park there in Mason. In all the years we've been going to Mason we have never gone to find the off-road park. We met the nicest people and were able to see some of the park. We didn't wheel this time, but we will surely go back.

On our way back to camp we noticed that the "Mason sign" was back and had to take pictures. It was gone when we came at Memorial & Labor Day in 2018.

And then I had to take a picture of Mason in front of the sign for comparison sake!

May 2019


September 2017

It's crazy how quickly things change and kids grow!

We went back to camp for a bit and then Nate and I decided to go for a drive. Mason wanted to stay at camp so it was just Nathan and I. We drove to a different part of the river and then went to see another off-road park. I had to get out and take pictures of the cactus. It was so sunny that I couldn't even see what I was taking pictures of!

Then we headed back to camp. We talked about future vacation plans for the summer and then the kids had their traditional water balloon fight. There were far fewer kids here this trip, but they still had a blast. Some adults may have even joined in for a bit!

Then it was time for supper! Tonight was steaks and all the fixings. Once again, amazing meal and even better company. Some of the guys went fishing while us girls hung out and played with the babies.

Monday was load up and come home day! Such a bummer. We hate leaving Mason, TX. It's too good to us always!

We are ready to go back in September!!

And of course, the video!!

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