{2018 Summer Bucketlist // Final Update}

Before it's all things fall around here I need to recap our summer. We really did have an amazing summer and it would be a shame if I didn't re-cap it. Also, it needs to be posted here on the blog since this is our family scrapbook. Today I'm going to update our 2018 summer bucket list. A final update.

Go Camping - we can check this one off a few times! We had many camping trips over the summer and they were all so much fun.

Go to the Mountains - that we did. I haven't recapped it here on the blog, but there are many Instagram posts about it. here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Swim - we swam in pools, in hottubs, in rivers, in lakes, and in oceans.

Fireworks on the fourth - this is a kind of. We tried to see Fireworks on the 4th, but we couldn't get to the place where they were shooting them off. Too many cars! And we were in the Kiamichi mountains so it was hard to see them from our camping site. But, we did see them all around the 4th of July.

Farm Luck Soda Fountain Date - we had a few of these and they never disappoint. It's probably one of our favorite family dates.

Go to the Movies - we went to several movies over the summer. We saw the Incredibles, Hotel Transylvania 3, The Meg, Jurassic World and I think that is it.

Road Trip - we road tripped to Mason TX, Wimberley TX, Broken Bow OK, Gilmer TX, New Mexico, and Gavelston TX.

Go on a Vacation - see above!

Go to a Ranger game - we've gone to 2 so far this season!

Adult only beach trip - we went to Crystal Beach for a long weekend for the annual Go Topless Jeep Beach weekend! We had a complete blast with sweet friends.

Eat watermelon - I mean, what is summer without watermelon?? It's a summer staple around here.

Find a sunflower field - okay, so this one was tough! Most of the fields around here were either milo or corn this year. We had to search many times for a sunflower field. I was so excited to find one and get pictures! Sunflowers just make me happy.

Watch a sunset over a field - we love to go on little back road excursions on random weekday nights. We like to watch the sunset over a field or a lake...it's just so peaceful! And I love sharing it with my two best boys!

Get snowcones - we went a couple of times, but I didn't take a single picture. womp. womp.

Go to the river - we played in a few rivers this summer; Wimberley, Beaver's Bend, and in New Mexico.

Go to an off-road adventure park - we went to Barnwell Mountain in Gilmer, TX. We also played on some trails in New Mexico!

Celebrate Mason's 8th birthday - we had a birthday party for Mason at Urban Air Trampoline Park. He had a blast and there were so many of our relatives and friends there to celebrate our sweet boy!

Go to the drive-in movies - we went with the Jeep club and it was amazing! We had such a good time watching the movie from the Jeeps with the tops off.

Jump at Urban Air - we went a couple of times. Once to book Mason's party and he jumped for an hour and then at his birthday party.

Watch bats emerge from the cave - yep, we did! It's so eerie, but oh so cool at the same time. We watched them at the James Eckert Bat Cave in Mason, TX.

Go to Luckenbach - we took some of our friends for their first time ever.

Try lavender ice cream - Mason got some while we were in Fredericksburg and it was pretty good. Better than I expected.

Annual camping trip in Mason - we did! And I never blogged about it. Oops! I guess I need to catch up on that.

Go gem mining - we did this while we were in Beaver's Bend. It's something Mason really enjoys and we enjoy doing it with him.

Make s'mores - another thing we did while at Beaver's Bend and in New Mexico! Can't go camping without making s'mores.

And the things we didn't accomplish this summer...

Play at the splash pad - we just couldn't make time for this activity.

Texas Bucketlist - we planned on checking 3 things off this list while in Wimberley. but that was a big fat fail. Apparently, you have to make reservations weeks in advance for those things now. Next time!

Family fishing trip - another one we couldn't fit in.

Play with sidewalk chalk - now that I have written this post I realize we did do this! Mason had these chalk bombs that we played with. Those were fun!

Finish a Harry Potter book - we slacked on our reading this summer! We were so busy traveling and always forgot to bring the book with us.

So, we did 26 out of the 30 things on our list - 86.7 % of our list was completed. I call that a win in my book!

What was your favorite thing you did this summer?

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