{Fall Home Tour // 2018}

I love decorating my home and putting little touches throughout. But, there's just something about decorating for fall that makes my heart soar. I love it so much! I can't get enough of the pumpkins and pinecones and thankful signs. Today I thought I would share a fall home tour here. I usually shy away from these types of posts because we have the worst lighting ever in our home. Ugh! I opened up my windows and both doors to try to let as much light in as possible for these pictures. While they're not great, they are something. And something is better than nothing.

Welcome to our home! This is our front porch right now. It will change a bit throughout the season as I gather real pumpkins. I haven't bought any yet because it's still reaching 95-97 degrees here in Texas. We are supposed to get some rain this weekend and possible cooler temps from there on out. One can hope. Also, we have to wait for the pumpkin patches to open. We like buying our pumpkins there because they seem to have the best selection of different pumpkins. And everyone knows I like the different ones! Give me all of the oddly shaped ones, the wart covered ones, the white ones, the fairytale ones...give me them all!

I'm still loving the pallet pumpkins that Nate built me a few years ago! I put them out every year and love them a little more each time. The Pumpkin patch pillow is new to my porch this year. I actually found it at Ross for only $7.99. It was the last one and couldn't get in my cart fast enough. It matches my flag well. I have a thing for old trucks with pumpkins in the back of it!

After decorating this year I have decided that I need more fall themed pillows for the inside of my house. I'm really lacking on those so I'm going to be on the lookout for some to add this year. If you know of a good place to get some let me know.

Just ignore the Xbox in the next photos. We're trying to find a way to conceal that since it drives me crazy!! This is our TV area (obviously! ha). I have a fall banner that I will probably add to this area soon.

One of my favorite areas to decorate is this coffee table that Nathan and I built together a few years ago. I leave a tray in the center of the table and just change it throughout the seasons.

This is actually the first year that I have decorated this little nook of our house. Normally there is a huge iron turquoise cross, a framed bible verse and one of my really old bibles on this table. But, I decided to go ahead and decorate it for the season. This area is a little more Halloween than fall, but I think it fits the area well. This is the hallway to the master bedroom. Also, I now see that the Hall sign is crooked and I'm off to fix that now!!

This is another area that I change throughout the seasons. It's a functional space that houses things such as my Scentsy bars, a homework/school supplies bin, electronic chargers, and cords, etc. I'm not sure I love this space as it is right now so I may be changing it up before fall is over. We'll see.

I've had so much fun decorating this tiered tray! It actually belongs to my mom, but she may not be getting it back! ha. It was just sitting in her camper collecting dust anyhow.

Hall Around Texas Fall Home Tour

And that's all I have so far. Have you decorated for fall? What is your favorite season to decorate for? Fall and Christmas are my favorites, hands down!!

Also, random tidbit. 9 years ago on this very day, we found out that we were pregnant with Mason! After over 3 years of trying for a baby all of our dreams came true on that day. We serve such a faithful and loving God! And I will forever be thankful.

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