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Happy Monday! This weekend was so, so good for my heart and for my soul. Sunday after church I found myself getting sad that the weekend was almost over. It was that good! But then I decided to make the most of the weekend that was left! Here's a look at our weekend...

Friday night we started back up our small group bible study. We paused our meets for the summertime because it was too tough to get together. Everyone was traveling and busy so we put it on hold until the fall. We met at one of our pastor's house and we began a study on Biblical Christ honoring marriage. I told Nathan that it was probably my favorite bible study yet! I love talking about marriage!! It's such a gift that the sweet Lord gives us. We invited a couple of more families into our group and it was great! I love our Friday nights together studying God's word, fellowshipping and just doing life together. It's a blessing!

Saturday morning I woke up a little before my boys to make breakfast. I made sausage, biscuits, and gravy. Nathan and I ate together and then he had to leave to get some parts for his truck. I made a coffee, lit some fall candles, and settled on the couch to watch some Gilmore Girls. It was raining and just so cozy!!

Mason finally woke up around 11:25. I made him some breakfast and we snuggled together on the couch for a while. Nate got back and went to the shop to work on the Jeep CJ7. He painted the body armor black and it made a world of a difference. It poured most of the day, but when it finally let up I left for a solo Target date. I can't think of a better way to spend some alone time {and all the mamas said amen!}. And I couldn't go to Target without getting a PSL from Starbucks! Of course!

When I got back from Target both of my boys were eager to show me their latest project. Mason created a movie with his Lego's and Nathan finished painting the body armor on the Jeep. I will have to take a picture of the Jeep at another time. It was impossible to get a picture of it while it was in the shop! After they both showed me their projects Mason and I did some rainy day craft activities! I love keeping these little Target dollar spot crafts on hand for a time such as this!

And we watched the Sooner game! I love college football in the fall. Especially on a rainy coolish day.

Saturday evening we went to a friend's house to hang out! They ordered pizza and I brought drinks and desserts. Mason and his little friend have known each other since they were 1 and have fun together. I didn't take a single picture. The only ones I have are from a three-year-old that took pictures with my phone! lol.

Sunday was church! Oh, how I love Sundays!! Before we went to Sunday school we were chatting with one of our preachers and I look over to see this...my sweet little Mason sitting at a table reading his Bible!

We had an amazing Sunday school lesson and church service. I stayed after so that I could help with and attend a bridal shower for a sweet friend. It was great to spend some time with the ladies at our church! And the shower was beautiful!

When I got home my boys were playing Legos and watching the Cowboy game! I somehow talked Nathan into getting down all of my fall stuff during halftime! I can't wait to spread out more fall goodness!! I attempted a craft, but I need to go to the vinyl store for a good stock-up! Nathan went out to mow while I prepared supper.

And that's a wrap on our weekend!

How was yours?

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