{Weekend Wrap-up // Date Night, Date Day, Church, Friends from New Mexico}

Happy Tuesday! Because I couldn't get my stuff together and blog for yesterday, today is the day I recap our lovely weekend!! Mondays are hard, y'all! And Mason had some stomach issues Sunday night that made us all a little more groggy on a Monday. He's fine now and feels much better. Thank the Lord! Here's a look at our weekend...

Friday night Mason went to spend the night with a friend, so Nathan and I had a random date night. We had to drop him off at 6:30 about 20ish minutes from our house and then we hung out and chatted for a bit so we got a late start to our date night. We decided to go to Texas Roadhouse and we are so glad we did. Our meals were worth every single second we waited to be seated {over 45 minutes!}. We saw an amazing sunset on the way there!

Nathan and I had such an amazing evening together. Our date night extended over to Saturday because Mason stayed at his friend's house until time for us all to go to a birthday party at our church at 2:00. Nate and I got up early and went to this adorable coffee shop in town {think Chip and JoAnna meets Waxahachie} and then to a car show at a park in our town. It was so hot, muggy and muddy so we didn't stay long. It was pretty neat, though! After the car show, we ventured over to Dallas so that I could stock up on some vinyl and t-shirts for projects. Then it was time to head back home for the party. I was so happy to see my boy! That evening we were supposed to meet some friends for supper, but that rescheduled for Sunday. Nate worked on the CJ all afternoon, Mason went to his Grandparent's house for a while and I crafted. We ordered pizza and stayed in for the night.

Sunday was Sunday School and Church and oh my word!!! Our Sunday School lesson was just what my heart needed to calm some fears I've had about the future of our family. And then we heard an amazing sermon in church. It was so, so good.

After church we met some friends that we made while on our vacation in New Mexico for lunch! It was so great to see them again. Mason knew what we were doing, but our friends surprised their 8 year old boy! These two quickly became the best of friends when we were in New Mexico and would play together at the resort every single day. They were so happy to see each other again!! Lunch was great and we had some awesome conversations. God is so good and so gracious to bring people in our lives like this!

How was your weekend?

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