{Five on Friday // T-Rex, TCU, Lexi in a Calendar, Skies}

Happy Friday! Even though we are supposed to get a ton of rain this weekend I am really looking forward to the weekend!! I plan to get a lot of crafting and cleaning and organizing done! I ordered enough groceries to just stay in this weekend and make breakfast, lunch, and dinner at home. This is so rare for us! Normally we have a million plans going on! I'm a bit excited.

Anyhow. here's a look at what's going on in our little world right now.

ONE | TRex in the morning drop-off line!! 

Monday morning was a pretty rough one! I mean, who likes mornings? Especially Monday mornings. Then we get to school and a sweet lady that we adore changes our whole attitudes around! She was getting kids out of the cars while wearing a T-Rex costume!! And, she just happened to get Mason out of the Jeep. A little backstory on her...she works in the science lab and turned it into a "Jurassic World" themed room. It's super cool and all of the kids love it. I also heard that she wore the costume to all three lunch periods!! 

TWO| Beautiful skies!!

Lord, I pray that I am never not in awe over these beautiful skies that you create for us. You are hands down my favorite artist. I love opening the door to leave for school each morning and seeing your amazing handiwork! 

THREE| Lexi is in a Jeep Dogs calendar

Months ago, I'm talking like before summer I submitted a picture of Lexi into a Jeep dogs contest. They said they would choose the winners in the fall. Well, I opened the mailbox this week to find a Jeep dogs calendar and Lexi is the cover photo of November 2019!! Now I can't remember where I submitted the photo and there was no information in the package. I'm trying to find out because I have a few wanting to buy the calendar! Mason was super impressed and couldn't believe it! 


So as of right this moment Mason wants to go to TCU for college!! His school allows them to wear a college shirt every Wednesday (nice little break from a uniform shirt) because they want them to be college driven. Mason asked me to make him a TCU shirt and so I did. We both love the way it turned out. And it's on the softest shirt known to man!!

FIVE | Today's special and so are you

This week I met my boss and co-worker for breakfast at one of our favorite little places in Bishop Arts Dallas. This sign was outside and I thought it had such a great message! I had to snap a photo. 

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Have a great weekend!

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